In an effort to make it just a bit easier for users to adjust the quality of the video they’re streaming, YouTube has just made a subtle change. By reordering its video quality options on Android, it just got a little easier to pick the highest video quality.

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This is admittedly a very minor change, but it makes a big difference in terms of usability. As reported by Android Police, YouTube for Android has recently adjusted the video quality picked to make things slightly easier to reach. Essentially, the order of the resolution has been flipped on its head. As a result, the higher quality options are now listed towards the top, making them a bit more obvious at first glance.

Of course, YouTube automatically picks a quality based on your network connection, but this is a nice change for those who want to adjust the quality. Having higher quality listed at the top makes it a bit easier to see what you’re picking, although it’s undoubtedly going to take some getting used to for users who commonly used the previous list. Most likely, some will end up selecting the lower quality options by mistake through simple muscle memory.

Regardless, it’s a welcome and sensible change for the app. We’ve got it on our devices already, and it should be rolling out to all users right now via a server-side update.

Left: Now – Right: Before

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