One thing I still sorely miss about older games is split-screen multiplayer with friends on my couch. Thanks to the power behind Google Stadia, that functionality is making a comeback with a feature called Stream Connect.

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Games nowadays push the hardware we use to its limits. Largely thanks to that, it’s gotten to the point where these games simply aren’t capable of the extra computing and rendering needed to process split-screen multiplayer. However, because Google Stadia is so powerful, that’s going to be a reality once again.

Google says that local split-screen is made possible by having each player’s stream as a separate Stadia instance.

In a demo shown on stage, the company showed off a game custom-made to show off Stream Connect on Google Stadia. In the demo, the game opens up multiple scenes for each player all on the same screen over the same connection, in this case with each player having asymmetric roles which can interact with one another in real time. Apparently, several players can be playing at once with this instead of just a couple of up to 4 as many other local co-op games have supported in the past.

You can see this feature in action around the 51-minute mark in Google’s presentation.

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