Exclusives are a huge part of the game industry, and it seems the new Google Stadia will be no exception. Alongside the service’s big reveal, Google announced its own studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment.

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Just days after shutting down its VR studio, Google has revealed Stadia Games and Entertainment as a home for the company’s endeavors in creating first-party content for Stadia. This new studio will focus solely on creating new first-party, exclusive games for Stadia.

Google has revealed very few details on the new platform, though. We do know that Jade Raymond will be leading the new studio, but it’s unclear how many employees it will have, where it will be based, or any titles in development.

Raymond also mentions that Stadia Games and Entertainment will be working with other studios to help them bring the technology of Stadia to other games and take them “to the next level.”

Despite the lack of details, it’s encouraging to see that Google is taking Stadia seriously by planning its own first-party video games.

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