With less than a month to go until its official reveal, more details about the upcoming OnePlus TV are being confirmed. This week, an Amazon listing has revealed a few details regarding the speakers on the OnePlus TV, and it looks very promising.

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Built-in audio is usually pretty poor on TVs, requiring buyers to get an external source of sound such as a soundbar. This might not be the case on the OnePlus TV, though, as this Amazon India listing teases a “cinematic sound space.”

While a full spec list isn’t available, this listing confirms that the OnePlus TV will have a total of eight built-in speakers. Apparently, those speakers will offer a total of 50W of power. By comparison, a quick look at a comparable Sony TV only shows two speakers at a total of 20W.

Further, the OnePlus TV’s speakers will apparently offer Dolby Atmos support and also “punchy bass.” Low-ends are generally a sore point for most TVs, so we’re definitely curious to see how OnePlus plans to get around the issue.

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The OnePlus TV is expected to debut later this month and has already been confirmed to offer (at least) a 55-inch size, Google’s Android TV platform, and more. You can read more of our OnePlus TV coverage below.

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