Huawei is in a really tough spot when it comes to launching new smartphones, and it seems the company will be using the Mate 30 as an example for further launches. According to a new report, the Huawei Mate X foldable phone won’t ship with Google apps.

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Nikkei corroborated a report today that the Mate 30 Pro won’t be shipping with Google apps such as Gmail, Maps, or the important Play Store. In that report, the outlet mentions that Huawei’s foldable Mate X smartphone won’t be shipping with Google apps either.

The $2,600 foldable device was first unveiled earlier this year and was recently delayed to make some further improvements. Currently, the Mate X is expected to ship sometime in November as Richard Yu confirmed this week at IFA (via CNBC).

It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that the Huawei Mate X won’t include Google apps as the device is launching well after the US ban took effect. Even under its current extension, Huawei still isn’t allowed to launch new products using US products or services. As far as Android is concerned, the Mate X is still expected to use the platform.

This decision [to ship without any Google apps] will first affect the Mate 30, the flagship smartphone set to be unveiled in Munich in mid-September. The foldable Mate X, which is expected to go on sale by the end of the month, will also be free of Google products and services.

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