Google Assistant isn’t quite as good on the iPhone, but at least it’s honest

Google Assistant has proven time and again that it brings a lot to the table with its advanced search capabilities. At first, that only worked on Google Home and the Pixel. Then, it expanded to any Android phone and Android Wear smartwatches too. Recently, it made the jump to iOS, and things are a tad […]

Watch the Google Home and Amazon Echo plot to kill the Apple HomePod [Video]

On Monday, Apple announced a brand new home speaker that it said would “reinvent home music” called the HomePod. To achieve this lofty goal, Apple not only included Siri built-in but added seven speakers, a custom 4-inch subwoofer, precision acoustic horns, and directional sound control. To make sure that the HomePod doesn’t take over, it […]

Android One US rumor tidbits: Project Fi support, launch candidate phone details, more

Update: Confidence boosted to 10/10 because, well, it happened. Let’s talk about Android One. It’s that thing that Google has been doing in many countries other-than-the-US for the last few years that lets Google to bring a primarily Google-y less-bloat-filled experience (and better security) to cheap devices. As Google said when it launched the program, it’s […]

Rumor: Android O to feature revamped notifications, picture-in-picture, smart text selection toolbar w/ Assistant, more

Android O is — assumably — right around the corner, but Google has yet to make a peep about the release. Sure, Android’s SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer has teased the Oreo name, but while it’s a likely name candidate, that doesn’t exactly tell us anything about the forthcoming release’s features. Now, we’ve received some info that we’d […]

Even Google Assistant knows Han shot first…

Google has been known to sneak in Easter Eggs all over the place, but with Google Assistant, there are so many we’ve barely scratched the surface. Following Assistant’s full rollout to the rest of the Android ecosystem, more users are finding some fun ones we never noticed, including where Assistant stands on who shot first…

Rumor: Google Pixel 2 will ditch the headphone jack, Google documentation suggests

You’ve stumbled upon the newly-public Community section of 9to5Google. If you’d like to write a post for the Community to read (we’ll promote the best ones on our social feeds!), then head over to 9to5Google Community and submit your work! According to an internal Google document seen by 9to5Google, the Mountain View company’s next-generation Pixel flagship will forgo […]

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