AlphaGo Stories October 19, 2017

Once AlphaGo won all three matches against the best player in the world back in May, Alphabet’s DeepMind said that the AI was retiring as the company explored bigger challenges. But it appears that it had just one more Go-related challenge to conquer …

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AlphaGo Stories May 29, 2017

The Future of Go Summit hosted by Google came to a close this weekend with DeepMind’s AlphaGo winning all of its matches, including the third and final match with Ke Jie. Following a string of victories, the AI is retiring from competitive play as DeepMind explores bigger challenges.

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AlphaGo Stories May 25, 2017

AlphaGo wins its second of three games against Go legend Ke Jie

Ke Jie, widely regarded as the world’s best player of the Chinese game of Go, has lost the second of three games in a match against Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI. That’s despite the AI’s estimation that Ke Jie played his first 50 moves against AlphaGo as practically perfect, and the first 100 as the best that AlphaGo has ever faced. But still, it wasn’t enough…

AlphaGo Stories May 23, 2017

Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI has a pretty good track record at the ancient Chinese game of Go. Now, the AI has defeated Ke Jie, who’s widely-regarded as the world’s best (human) Go player.

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AlphaGo Stories January 4, 2017


Even after beating the world’s best Go player last year, DeepMind is still working on improving AlphaGo. Over the past few days, a “new prototype version” of the AI has been playing in secret and winning against several dozen Go players online, according to DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis.

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AlphaGo Stories June 6, 2016

alphago-lee-sedolThese days, Google — as well as many other tech giants — is all about Artificial Intelligence. We’ve seen it shown off in many different shapes at its latest I/O conference, but perhaps one of the biggest achievements in the field was a little far from the consumer-world of Allo or the new Google assistant.

After the recent victory, in fact, it will be Google’s Deepmind team to be put again to the test at Go, this time against the world’s new number one player (via Engadget)…

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