X Stories March 1

Notable X projects include self-driving cars, delivery drones, and internet balloons. Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory is now taking another stab at helping the environment with Tidal —  a “moonshot to protect the ocean and feed humanity sustainably.”

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X Stories February 3

Report: Alphabet working on software to make quantum computing more accessible

Last October, Google announced that its quantum computer performed a task that would take classical computers infinitely longer to complete. In addition to Google, Alphabet looks to have another team working on quantum computing.

X Stories November 21, 2019

In 2017, X quietly teased its robotics efforts as being heavily machine learning-focused. Alphabet’s moonshot factory is now finally detailing the project and its mission to build Everyday Robots.

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X Stories December 19, 2018

For the past several years, Alphabet’s X has been working on Project Malta to create a new approach for grid-scale energy storage based on salt. Malta is now ready to graduate from the Moonshot Factory as an independent, non-Alphabet company.

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X Stories October 30, 2018

Following last week’s publication of a report that tied several high-ranking current and former Google executives to incidents of sexual misconduct, the company’s employees have been organizing in protest. Sundar Pichai today voiced support for the upcoming “women’s walk,” while one Googler named by the New York Times has left.

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X Stories July 11, 2018

Two of X’s aerial projects are graduating from the Moonshot Factory today to become independent Alphabet companies like Waymo and Verily. Dropping the “project” status, Loon will continue to deliver internet via balloons, while Wing is focusing on a variety of drone-related efforts.

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