android distribution Stories May 3, 2016

Marshmallow continues steady rise w/ 7.5% adoption in May Android distribution numbers

As we approach Google I/O 2016, where we’ll learn more about Android N, Marshmallow continues its steady rise and is now on 7.5% of all devices.

android distribution Stories April 5, 2016

Nearly six months after release, Android 6.0 barely reached 2% usage in March. Helped by flagship devices and OEM updates from Samsung and LG, however, Marshmallow adoption has doubled in the past month.

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android distribution Stories March 8, 2016

Last month, Marshmallow finally reached a full percentage point in the Android distribution numbers. In March, helped by numerous OEMs releasing Android 6.0 updates, it reached 2.3%. This month also marked Lollipop becoming the most widely-used version of Android…

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android distribution Stories February 2, 2016

Marshmallow only saw a .2% increase in January’s Android distribution numbers despite the fact that it included the holiday season. This month was much better, however, with Android 6.0 growing .5% and now a full percentage point in usage.

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android distribution Stories March 2, 2015

Google this evening has updated its Android distribution data to reflect numbers collected during the past 7 days. Most notably, Android 5.0 saw an increase from 1.6 percent last month to 3.3 percent this time. Last month was the first time the latest version of the operating system gained enough usage to chart.

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android distribution Stories December 1, 2014

Google, as it does at the beginning of every month, has updated the Android distribution data this time reflecting data collected during the last week of November. KitKat continues its slow climb up this month, rising to 33.9 percent from 30.2 percent last month. Every other Android version, as a result, fell in usage.

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