bands Stories January 16, 2015

New DODO stitched leather bands now available for Moto 360

Motorola mentioned in November that DODO—originally simply a maker of stylish iPad—was working on some stitched leather watch bands for the Moto 360, and today the company has finally put them up for sale on its website.

These might be a pretty decent option if you’re just tired of the band your Moto 360 shipped with, but they come at a pretty steep price. The “DODO premium leather bands” come in four different colors, and they’re shipping for $59.99.


Performer search left, venue search right


If you search for a band or live venue, there’s a high chance it’s because you want to buy tickets for an upcoming show. Google is now making that easier by displaying upcoming events in the search results, with a direct link to purchase tickets.

It may take a few days to start seeing these results, as Google has just explained to webmasters for bands and venues the steps they need to take to ensure the information shows up in searches. They can either add a little HTML to their webpages, or install a widget that does it for them …  expand full story

bands Stories November 26, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.49.00 PM

Motorola announced earlier this month that it would soon begin to offer interchangeable leather and metal bands for the Moto 360, and today, those accessories have gone up for sale. A standalone leather band for the Moto 360 runs $29.99 and is available in either cognac (brown), stone, or black.  Metal bands cost $79.99 and are available in light and dark finishes.

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