bend test Stories November 3, 2015


Last week we shared a video with you produced by YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. In it, Jerry subjected his Nexus 6P to a bunch of durability tests before trying to bend it. The phone wasn’t very scratch or heat resistant, and even less bend resistant.

At the time, we were skeptical of how ‘bendy’ the Nexus really was. Having already suffered some serious damage, including a cracked screen, we thought the Nexus 6P‘s durability was already severely compromised even before the bend test was attempted. We weren’t the only ones to think that way either, so Jerry’s back with another video. This time, he didn’t do any of the durability testing and tried to bend the phone immediately after unboxing it and setting it up…. expand full story

bend test Stories April 6, 2015

[Galaxy S6 and S6 edge] 80lbf Three-Point Bend Test - YouTube 2015-04-06 10-25-20

Following a bend test video released last week showing the Galaxy S6 as actually more fragile than the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung has today released its own video that is definitely closer to being marketing material. While the other video pushed the iPhone 6 Plus, the HTC One M9, and the Galaxy S6 edge to the absolute limit, this video from Samsung tops the pressure off at 80 pounds to show off the phone’s durability… expand full story

bend test Stories October 8, 2014


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is beginning to hit stores across the world and the burning question is, will it bend? Well, maybe not for everyone. Samsung originally provided its own bend test as proof that supports the Note 4’s durability, but YouTuber Unbox Therapy decided to take this test into his own hands. Literally…

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