Chrome 60 Stories August 1, 2017

Following last week’s stable release for Mac, Windows, and Linux, Chrome 60 is now rolling out on Android. One notable addition is a new search widget for immediate searching and URL entry, as well as several under-the-hood features.

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Chrome 60 Stories June 13, 2017

With Chrome 59 now rolled out to desktopsAndroid, and Chrome OS, version 60 is now entering the beta channel with a number of features for developers. However, Android does add a very useful search widget.

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Chrome 60 Stories May 26, 2017

Chrome OS picks up display color temperature tweaks for Night Mode

Chrome OS’ developer and canary channel are constantly bringing new features to the table, and as Android apps slowly make their way to different Chromebooks, Google is playing around with adding features from Android to Chrome OS. In the latest update to the developer channel, Chrome OS has added the option to tweak the color temperature.

Chrome 60 Stories May 25, 2017

Google is constantly working on new features for its various services, and Chrome is one of the apps it plays around with most frequently. Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the addition of a super fast new search widget, and today we’re finding that the latest version hides a new feature for entering URLs.

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Chrome 60 Stories May 10, 2017

Search is at the core of Google’s business, so it’s constantly making it easier for users to access it in one way or another. Most Android devices have a Google Search widget on the homescreen, but it’s not all that fast compared to directly searching in Chrome. Now, Google is speeding things up with a new search widget in the dev version of Chrome.

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