Google is constantly working on new features for its various services, and Chrome is one of the apps it plays around with most frequently. Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the addition of a super fast new search widget, and today we’re finding that the latest version hides a new feature for entering URLs.

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In Chrome 60, currently available via the Chrome Dev app for Android, Google has quietly added a background feature which allows the app to read any URLs you may have copied to your clipboard and automatically suggest those in the omnibar. Once enabled, it works really well and can come in handy.

To access the feature, you’ll need to be using the latest update to Chrome Dev. From there, you’ll need to enable a flag to activate the feature. To do that, type chrome://flags into the URL bar, then scroll down to find the option titled “Omnibox clipboard URL suggestions.” Switch that to enabled, relaunch Chrome, and the feature will be active.

It’s a pretty simple feature, but it just adds to what Chrome is capable of and makes it a more polished overall experience. Chrome Dev 60 is available for download now via the Play Store.

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