Chrome 73 Stories February 8

For the past several weeks, Google has been preparing a dark mode for Chrome on Mac and Windows given that both desktop operating systems feature a system-level functionality. A night theme for Android is now in testing with the latest Chrome 73 beta.

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Unlike past betas, Chrome 73 includes a handful of new user-facing features. The browser gains a new¬†“Sync and Google services” section in Settings, and more features tied to signing-in with your Google Account. There are also a handful of new features for Picture-in-Picture and media playback that developers can take advantage of.

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Chrome 73 Stories January 16

[Update: Live in Dev channel] Chrome OS Linux apps to gain access to Android ‘Play files’ folder

Chrome OS is rapidly becoming a serious player in the Linux field. Now, Google seems to be further integrating the Linux app support with the existing Android app support by allowing the Chrome OS Linux apps to access files from the separated ‘Play files’.

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