concierge Stories December 16, 2014


One area in which Google Play Music has continually been lacking is its support for listeners outside of the United States. International use with Google Play Music got a little better tonight, however, as Google has revealed that it is bringing its Songza-powered automated playlist generation feature to listeners in the UK (via TechCrunch).

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concierge Stories April 22, 2014

Leaked LG G3 screenshots show off flatter UI, new ‘Concierge’ widget

While we’ve seen information regarding the hardware of LG’s upcoming G3, the software side has been mostly silent. Today, various leaked screenshots show that the device will feature a vastly improved UI, as well as a new “Concierge” service to help make the device more approachable. The screenshots (via Digital Trends) show off the homescreen, as well as the notification shade.

Compared to previous versions of LG’s skin, those shown off here are much more tame and in-line with Google’s overall design motif. The 3D icons have been polished off to be flatter, and LG has also replaced the menu button with Google’s standard multitasking button.

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