conversations Stories January 28, 2016

Yahoo mobile app (& homepage) updated w/ revamped news discovery & conversation features

Yahoo today announced that it’s revamping the way it aggregates news content and in the process launching redesigned commenting, news discovery, and notification features to users on Android, iOS, and through its Yahoo homepage on the web.

conversations Stories May 13, 2015

Improvements to Gmail for Android incoming

Google is rolling out some improvements to Gmail for Android that it says are based on recent feedback from users.

Updates include quick access to recent conversations, contact info and more by tapping on avatars, and improved support for non-Gmail addresses:

– Tapping on people’s avatars now lets you see recent conversations, contact info, and more. -Support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP) is now more reliable and adding additional accounts is a smoother experience.

The updates will be available in the latest Gmail for Android app for all in the coming days.

Earlier today Google rolled out updates to its Android apps for Google Docs and Slides

conversations Stories November 1, 2011


As we first reported following a leaked promo video, Google is today rolling out a pretty big update to Gmail that will provide some major enhancements to the interface.

There isn’t much more included in the update than previously revealed, but the changes, including streamlined conversations, elastic density, new HD themes, improved search, and “smarter navigation”, were definitely worth the wait.

The “better search” comes from a new drop down panel that allows you to select filters and advanced search options, while smart navigation is part of the overall UI redesign allowing you to always see your labels and chat, as well as customize the items in the left pane. You can now use arrow keys to navigate the interface, too.

Elastic density is a nice addition, allowing you to select one of the three predefined settings that will control the spacing between items in your inbox. The settings include “Comfortable”, “Cozy”, and “Compact”. Streamlined conversations are perhaps the biggest and best change, providing a new dynamic conversation view seen below: expand full story

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