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HTC One M9 software update enables Wi-Fi calling for EE UK customers


If you’re an EE customer in the UK and have an HTC One M9, you might want to check your settings menu for software updates. The latest — launching today — brings Wi-Fi calling to your phone and enables you to make calls and send texts using a Wi-Fi network.

EE customers in the UK have been able to make use of Wi-Fi calling for the past couple of months, but only on a very select few handsets. Namely: iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S6 phones. Now the list of compatible handsets has grown. Today, HTC has announced that EE customers should receive a software update to enable on the feature on its flagship One M9.

WiFi calls are seamlessly integrated into general usage, and are therefore indistinguishable from regular calls from an HTC handset. WiFi Calling from EE and HTC uses the phone’s normal dialler and contacts book to make calls, and the normal text button to send text messages.  Customers don’t need a stand-alone app, a unique HTC interface will automatically detect whether to use WiFi or cellular each time the HTC One M9 is used to make a call.

It’s an incredibly useful feature to have (as any T-Mobile US customer will tell you) particularly if you live in an area where cellular coverage can be a little unreliable. The update is available immediately.

Google Glass ‘Enterprise Edition’ is foldable, more water resistant, rugged for the workplace

Introduction to Google Glass - YouTube 2015-07-21 09-35-58

Google Glass Explorer Edition

As we’ve come to learn more about the next iteration of Google Glass, it’s clear that this device isn’t the “Google Glass 2.0” that many diehard fans of the product — however many there are — have been longing for. Google Glass “Enterprise Edition” or “EE,” as the company is referring to it internally, is rather a spinoff of the Explorer Edition and an incremental revision targeted at the workplace. Google is ditching the fashion runways and #throughGlass pictures — and they’re getting into the enterprise where Glass has practical use cases.

And with that, Tony Fadell and company had to deeply consider with EE how the device looks, works, and functions. We’re familiar with multiple prototypes that are nearing the final stages of revision, and one thing is very clear: This isn’t going to be a drastic departure visually from the Explorer Edition. It has been tweaked, though, and there are at least a few differences noticeable from the outside. It folds like a regular pair of glasses, and because it’s first and foremost being built for the workplace, it has a more rugged build and appearance… Expand

The next Google Glass is ‘Enterprise Edition,’ expanded testing later this year

Wearable Intelligence 2015-07-03 12-51-39

We told you yesterday about a new device that passed through the FCC—codenamed GG1—and many have speculated that it’s the next generation of the Google Glass hardware. While it’s often suggested that the device is soon going to get some iterative Explorer Edition overhaul and see its first official consumer launch, it’s much more probable that Google is first going to push this hardware toward the one place it has seen success: the enterprise market.

As we reported earlier this year, there are many different prototypes of a future Glass hardware revision being tested within some Glass for Work startups. We’ve come to learn from people familiar with the matter that the next hardware is being referred to by Google internally as “Enterprise Edition” or “Google Glass EE” (If you remember, Explorer Edition was referred to as “Google Glass XE”)… Expand