mvno Stories June 8, 2016

Google has today officially announced that its MVNO cellular network, Project Fi, has teamed up with US Cellular to add more coverage and better speeds for users on top of the current partnerships with Sprint and T-Mobile.

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mvno Stories March 7, 2016

Project Fi launched 10 months ago as an invitation-only MVNO cellular service, and — until now — it usually took at least a few days to get an invite (unless you were lucky enough to get an instant invite given to mark certain occasions). Starting today, Fi has dropped the invitation system and anybody can now sign-up without a wait.

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mvno Stories December 15, 2015

Project Fi will now work on tablets and other compatible data-only devices besides phones. There are no extra fees to add devices to a Fi plan and data still costs $10 for every 1GB you use. That varies from many mainstream carrier plans with charge monthly rates for data access.

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mvno Stories May 21, 2015

Earlier this month, Google began sending the first invites to users for its Project Fi wireless carrier initiative. Users receiving invites have been rare so far and this evening Google sent an update email to those who requested an invite at launch. Unfortunately, the email being sent to users today doesn’t include an invite, but rather only an update on the process of the rollout.

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mvno Stories May 5, 2015

Google appears to have started sending out the first invites to its Project Fi initiative, at least according to one user on Reddit. The user has shared screenshots of the entire setup process from start to finish. The process appears to be relatively simple and self-explanatory, with a step-by-step set-up process…

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mvno Stories April 22, 2015

Google has just announced Project Fi, its much-rumored MVNO and the company’s attempt at bringing a new way for customers to get better cellular service at a better price…

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