genius Stories March 14

Court rules in favor of Google after Genius claimed ‘stolen’ lyrics… again [Updated]

In 2019, lyric-website Genius accused Google of ripping off its lyric transcriptions to use in Search even catching Google “red-handed” in the act. Following a court case win in 2020, Google has once again prevailed in court over this matter.

genius Stories June 16, 2019

A report from the Wall Street Journal this weekend brings to light an accusation against Google. Genius Media says it has “irrefutable” evidence that Google is copying its song lyrics for use in search results.

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genius Stories December 22, 2015

genius app

After Rap Genius rebranded to just plain ‘Genius’, their mission expanded beyond one genre of music to annotating every piece of text in the world. However, they still maintain a vast and up-to-date collection of music lyrics. An update to their Android app recently added the ability to know what song is playing on your phone and display the accompanying lyrics.

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genius Stories August 4, 2015

Language annotation platform Genius launches Android app

Language annotation platform Genius, formally known as Rap Genius, has launched an Android version of its mobile app (Play Store link). Genius originally launched as a music annotation service popular in the rap community, but has since expanded to cover basically the whole human corpus with vertical sections for annotations on poems, books, and more.

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