Get Packed Stories June 14, 2021

Get Packed ‘Fully Loaded’ update coming July 29 for free as Stadia exclusivity ends

One of the first exclusives on Google Stadia that really got attention was Get Packed, a co-op party game that had players moving objects out of a building with wacky physics and some fun ideas. Now, the game is expanding beyond Google Stadia and launching its first big expansion in “Get Packed: Fully Loaded.”

Get Packed Stories April 30, 2020

So far, Google Stadia’s cloud platform has been used mainly for online shooters or single-player adventures, but a few months into its life, the platform is adding new experiences for everyone to enjoy. For months, I’ve been waiting for Get Packed to arrive, and I’m happy to report that the game is just as good as I hoped. Let’s dig in.

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Get Packed Stories April 28, 2020

Get Packed launches on Google Stadia today w/ online, local multiplayer, $20

After weeks of relentless teasing, one of Stadia’s most enticing exclusive titles has a launch date. Get Packed launches on Google Stadia today — here’s what you need to know.

Get Packed Stories June 6, 2019

Google Stadia has officially revealed its pricing, release date, and library of launch games during a livestream today. There are some huge titles coming, but one game that Google briefly showed off for Stadia was Get Packed, and it’s coming in 2020 as the platform’s first exclusive.

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