google mvno Stories March 7, 2016

Project Fi launched 10 months ago as an invitation-only MVNO cellular service, and — until now — it usually took at least a few days to get an invite (unless you were lucky enough to get an instant invite given to mark certain occasions). Starting today, Fi has dropped the invitation system and anybody can now sign-up without a wait.

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google mvno Stories December 15, 2015

Project Fi will now work on tablets and other compatible data-only devices besides phones. There are no extra fees to add devices to a Fi plan and data still costs $10 for every 1GB you use. That varies from many mainstream carrier plans with charge monthly rates for data access.

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google mvno Stories April 13, 2015

Google’s wireless network has been rumored for several months now, with the most recent report claiming that it hopes to offer free international roaming. Android Police has now dug into a leaked app from Google that appears to pair with its wireless network. The app offers information regarding the payment structure, activation, and more.

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