google play service Stories November 21, 2016

Google Play services will stop supporting Android 2.3 Gingerbread in early 2017

Rolled out starting last month, Google Play services 10.0.0 will be the last to support Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Google cites better support for newer devices in dropping a six-year-old version of Android only used by 1.3% of users. Practically speaking, those devices will no longer receive app updates.

google play service Stories April 28, 2015

Google Play Services 7.3 brings support for multiple Android Wear devices at once (Video)

Google has—finally—officially announced Google Play Services 7.3 (which first surfaced a couple of weeks ago), bringing several important new features to the company’s Google-powered app support package. Most importantly, the update brings new Android Wear APIs allowing multiple wearables to be connected to a single phone…

Multiple wearable devices can be connected to a user’s handheld device. Each connected device in the network is considered a node. With multiple connected devices, you must consider which nodes receive the messages. For example, In a voice transcription app that receives voice data on the wearable device, you should send the message to a node with the processing power and battery capacity to handle the request, such as a handheld device..

The update also brings the addition of nutrition data to Google Fit, as well as “improvements to retrieving the user’s activity and location, and better support for optional APIs, there’s a lot to explore in this release.” Check out the goofy and entertaining announcement video below, and learn more over at Google’s Android developers blog:

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