Grammarly Keyboard Stories October 23, 2019

Grammarly Keyboard for Android now supports swipe typing

Typos are all too common on smartphones and while many keyboards are great at fixing that, many ignore grammar mistakes. Grammarly Keyboard has been around for a while to help in that area, and now the app is finally adding support for swipe typing.

Grammarly Keyboard Stories August 20, 2019

grammarly synonyms

Grammarly is on a mission to help everyone improve their writing skills, and that extends to smartphones. In its latest update, Grammarly keyboard for mobile is adding a new synonyms picker on both Android and iOS.

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Grammarly Keyboard Stories December 13, 2017

Grammarly has finally brought its spelling and grammar checking virtual keyboard to Android

Virtual keyboards on Android are always introducing new features and getting smarter. While the built-in autocorrect is meant to pick up on small spelling mistakes, it doesn’t actually help you form proper sentences. That all changes today as Grammarly, a widely popular grammar and spelling tool on desktops, has made its way to the Google Play Store…

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