Virtual keyboards on Android are always introducing new features and getting smarter. While the built-in autocorrect is meant to pick up on small spelling mistakes, it doesn’t actually help you form proper sentences. That all changes today as Grammarly, a widely popular grammar and spelling tool on desktops, has made its way to the Google Play Store…

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Replacing whatever keyboard is currently running on your Android phone, Grammarly looks and feels like any other. The most significant difference is at the top of the interface where most keyboards offer word suggestions. Here, Grammarly offers spell check, ways to improve your grammar, and much more.

As you can see from the below screenshots, you can either just tap on the suggestion and it’ll be changed in the text field, or you can select the Grammarly logo. Doing so will give details as to why it has suggested the change.

Unfortunately, the Grammarly Keyboard is currently lacking support for glide/swipe input. This means you’ll be stuck typing one character at a time, but in the announcement blog post, Grammarly does say it’s working to bring the feature to the keyboard in a future¬†update.

For now, the Grammarly keyboard only supports American or British English, but hopefully more will be added soon.

Lastly, Grammarly stresses privacy and assures users that everything they type will be protected. The company states that it uses encryption and “several other measures” to make sure that everything it scans to make corrections is secure.

Additionally, the keyboard is blocked from reading anything typed into text fields such as credit card and banking information that are marked sensitive.

You can download the Grammarly Keyboard from the Play Store for free. If you’re a premium user, the Grammarly keyboard will suggest “style improvements and vocabulary enhancements” in addition to just checking for spelling and other basic mistakes.

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