HTC Bolt Stories November 28, 2016


Over the past three years, HTC has only partially tweaked the design of its flagship smartphones. Concurrently, Sprint has seen its fortunes decline; falling to fourth place in subscribers. The HTC Bolt for Sprint is very much emblematic of these two trends; it’s a minor iteration for HTC, and tries to bring improved networking to serve as a competitive advantage.

Notable points to know about this phone: there’s IP57 water proofing, and no headphone jack. There’s also a stunning amount of pre-loaded software, which probably shouldn’t be surprising since the primary reason for its existence is as a technological showcase for Sprint’s LTE Plus network…

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HTC Bolt Stories November 10, 2016


In the news for manufacturing the Pixel and Pixel XL, HTC is back with its own new smartphone available on Friday for Sprint. The HTC Bolt is essentially a larger version of the HTC 10 announced earlier this year with some key enhancements, but slightly worse specs.

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HTC Bolt Stories September 21, 2016


HTC may have just unveiled its renewed Desire lineup, but it looks like that won’t be it for the company this year. Well, at least not for Sprint customers in the US, which may find a shiny new flagship device in the carrier’s stores in the not too distant future…

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