lane guidance Stories February 12, 2015

Google Maps lane guidance expands to 15 new European countries

Google today has announced that it is expanding support of lane guidance in Maps for Android to 15 additional European countries. The feature was launched in the United States and Canada last year, with Google promising expansion at a future date. Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom gained support for lane guidance in December.

Today’s update adds lane guidance to the following 15 European countries:

lane guidance Stories December 12, 2014

Google Maps adds lane guidance for highways in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, & Ireland

Google announced today that it’s adding the Google Maps lane guidance feature it rolled out to select locations earlier this year to additional countries just in time for the holidays. Google said today that Maps now includes lane guidance for highways in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Ireland.

When you’re in the turn-by-turn navigation mode, we can now make sure you don’t miss your next turn or exit by showing you which lane to stay in or move to so you’ll never find yourself darting across traffic at the last minute — or worse, driving for miles down the wrong road. When you approach a junction or exit with multiple lanes, voice guidance will suggest which lanes are best for your route. You’ll also have easy access to alternate routes while you’re navigating, so you can choose the best drive for you.

Google first announced the feature back in May, which offers real-time info to help drivers prepare for upcoming turns or necessary lane changes, and it’s been rolling out to select countries and locations since.

The lane guidance feature is available through turn-by-turn Navigation in the Google Maps app on Android and iPhone.

lane guidance Stories May 6, 2014

Google Maps for Android updated with lane guidance, improved offline maps, Uber integration

Google announced on its blog today a big update coming to Google Maps on both Android and iOS including integration with Uber.

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