LeWeb Stories June 19, 2012


Google’s Vice President of Product Management Bradley Horowitz announced a Google+ partnership with Flipboard and teased an enterprise version of the social network at Le Web 2012 in London this morning, but he also demonstrated Hangouts…on an iPad.

According to TheNextWeb, the Flipboard partnership will stream Google+ feeds into the app as part of the Mountain View, Calif.-based Company’s new Google+ APIs that now sport limited availability for developers. The integration will also allow Flipboard users to get access to posts, media, and other data without visiting Google+ directly. Other social networks on Flipboard include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Horowitz further demonstrated Google+ Hangouts at the conference with an iPad. TheNextWeb’s Jamillah Knowles was on-hand to ask the executive why he chose Apple’s tablet over an Android device for the conference, but his response was vague (as heard in the audio clip above).

The Googler was also obscure in regards to numbers. He noted the 170 million-user base for Google+ as a “stale” estimate, and he would not give specific stats on whether Google+ apps prod interaction. He did mention, however, that Google has dreams for its social network in the enterprise.

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LeWeb Stories December 8, 2011


Among the important things he talked about was Android and iOS at 41 minutes in. expand full story

Silicon Filter grabbed some pertinent quotes from Marissa Mayer’s interview today at LeWeb on Mobile, Local, Social (SoLoMo).  We’ll have the video up when it becomes available.  Notables:

  • Google+ was a pleasant surprise. Comparing to the low bar set by past efforts, we’ll give this one a “#obvious tag.
  • “We save two years, every day, of idle time using Google Maps and Navigation.”
  • Google+ Check-In Deals Coming Next Week (goodnight FourSquare?)
  • On the location space in general, there is still  a lot of competition
  • Android is a vehicle for delivering Google services

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LeWeb Stories December 7, 2011

Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom told the audience at Le Web today that an Android app is on the way. For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is a very popular socia lnetworking app on iOS, that lets users take pictures of the world around them. Android users have been begging for the app ever since it was first released 13 months ago.

Systrom said that the company currently has two developers working on an Android app, but didn’t say when the app would be completed. The iPhone version of the app currently boasts 50 million users, and Android could help double those numbers. So why did Instagram select iOS to begin with? Systrom said that the iPhone’s disruptive camera and screen were something that had to be taken advantage of — 13 months ago he might of had a point. (via CNET)

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