Music Beta Stories November 15, 2011

Before its official announcement at an event tomorrow night, more details on Google’s new Music service have leaked out. Bloomberg reports that Music will have a store that closely resembles Apple’s iTunes and will allow users to purchase music. Google has reportedly earned licensing deals with Sony (this evening actually), Universal Music Group, and EMI Group Ltd. Songs will also cost between 99-cents and $1.29, but Google may offer discounts.

Wall Street Journal drops an awesome feature that Google Music will reportedly have.

“Additionally, after buying songs from Google Music for around $1 apiece, users are expected to be able to share one or two free listens of the songs with their contacts on the Google+ social-networking service, these people said.”

All the details will be spilled tomorrow. Make sure to stick with us tomorrow evening at 5 PM EST for all of the breaking news.

Music Beta Stories October 26, 2011

Spotted by TechCrunch, begins to confirm rumors of Google’s new Music store that will drop in a few weeks. The webpage loaded on an Android device drops a hint at purchasing music through the Android market. As you can see in the image above, the webpage says, “Get songs from your favorite artists in Android market, or hundreds of free tracks.”

Currently, Music Beta is only available on the Android Market to those in the beta. The beta currently only features uploading of songs and not actually purchasing them . Purchasing is a rumored feature that is rumored to come out in the next two weeks with Google Plus integration.

Music Beta Stories September 8, 2011

Google has just released a HTML 5 optimized Music Beta player for the mobile web, announced via Twitter. Upon first launching the webpage, Google asks for the allowance of 25mb to be stored on your device. After, you are presented with a full run down of all of the artists you uploaded to the service. Once you have selected a preferred song, you are taken to a “Now Playing” page. Yes, if you haven’t realized already it works a lot like the This feels so sleek! 

Check it out in the video below:

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