Nest Detect Stories July 13, 2021

Outside of Assistant displays and speakers, as well as thermostats and Wi-Fi routers, Google’s smart home lineup is quite old and due for an overhaul. Google looks to be laying the groundwork for that by selling out of the Nest Detect and removing product listings for the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor.

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Nest Detect Stories June 18, 2021

Google will not restock Nest Detect after current inventory sells out

Google released a new batch of Nest Detect sensors to help existing Nest Secure owners expand their systems in March. In an email today, the company said the Nest Detect will no longer be available after the current inventory runs out.

Nest Detect Stories April 16, 2021

The Nest Secure was discontinued in October, but Google promised to keep supporting the alarm system. Besides software updates, this includes manufacturing more Nest Detect sensors, which are now available again in the Google Store.

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Nest Detect Stories December 21, 2020

In late October, Google released a statement committing to continued software support for the Nest Secure. As part of that, it promised that more Nest Detect sensors would be coming by the end of 2020, but the Google Store will no longer be hitting that deadline following a delay.

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Nest Detect Stories October 28, 2020

Earlier this month, Google brutally pulled the plug on Nest Secure, its 3-year-old alarm system that doesn’t have a successor of any kind in sight. While that product won’t be fully left out to dry anytime soon, Google has been completely silent regarding a new alarm system. Here’s why they shouldn’t give up on it.

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It emerged at the start of last week that Google was discontinuing the Nest Secure, with the first-party hardware store listing it as “no longer available.” Google is now reaffirming its commitment to continued support, and revealed that more Detect sensors are coming.

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