Nest Cam IQ Stories July 13, 2021

Outside of Assistant displays and speakers, as well as thermostats and Wi-Fi routers, Google’s smart home lineup is quite old and due for an overhaul. Google looks to be laying the groundwork for that by selling out of the Nest Detect and removing product listings for the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor.

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Nest Cam IQ Stories April 10, 2021

Back in January, Google told us that it would release a “new lineup of security cameras for 2021” following the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor going out of stock. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is now similarly sold out.

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Nest Cam IQ Stories March 23, 2018

Nest has massively expanded its lineup of products this year, but one of our favorites is still the Nest Cam IQ. The company’s high-end indoor security camera can do some impressive things, like double as a Google Assistant speaker, but oddly it lacks simple things in the box, or at least, it did.

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Nest Cam IQ Stories February 21, 2018

Nest is one of the best ways to add security to your home, whether that’s with video surveillance or sensors. Now, after being announced last year, an update is turning Nest’s best camera into a Google Assistant speaker.

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Nest Cam IQ Stories October 3, 2017

Nest Cam IQ: Incoming update will include more accurate person alerts, full duplex audio, more

The Cam IQ is Nest’s top-of-the-line 4K security camera, capable of zooming in and following objects when it detects motion. While it’s set to receive Google Assistant functionality later this year, Nest has just emailed Cam IQ owners about three new features coming to the security camera in the next several days or weeks…

Nest Cam IQ Stories September 20, 2017

Back in May, Nest announced the Nest Cam IQ — a high-end security camera that records in 4K and features smart detection features that leverage machine learning. Along with the launch of an “Outdoor” model today, the now dubbed “Indoor” variant will soon be updated with the Google Assistant.

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Nest Cam IQ Stories June 28, 2017

Connected security cameras are becoming more and more common these days, with the highest priority being remote access to your video feed via your smartphone. There are a number of good security cameras on the market, and Nest has always been one of the top players. The Alphabet-owned company’s latest product, the Cam IQ, adds a 4K sensor and even more smart functionality, but its $100 premium over Nest’s other models might not feel justified to everyone.

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Nest Cam IQ Stories May 31, 2017

Nest has today announced Nest Cam IQ, the latest in its lineup of home security cameras and the new indoor offering to beat from the Alphabet-owned maker of smarthome products. The camera packs new higher-quality video, much more powerful speakers, a crisp and clean new design, and built-in security features. Overall, as the name suggests, it’s just smarter and better…

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