Nest Secure Stories June 11, 2018

Nest Secure gets permanent price drop down to $399 from original $499

Late last year, Nest unveiled its home security system called Secure. While intriguing, the most significant barrier to getting started was Secure’s $499 price tag. Starting today, Nest has permanently lowered the security system’s price by $100, making it financially easier to purchase.

Nest Secure Stories April 4, 2018

Security is really important in this day and age, and that’s true both in our online lives and in our homes. To make home security a breeze, Nest has become a hub for everything from security cameras to video doorbells. Last year, it also launched the Nest Secure alarm system, and now that’s getting integration with Google Assistant.

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Nest Secure Stories January 15, 2018

Google now offers an official Home Mini wall mount on the Google Store, Nest Secure bundle

Google Home Mini is one of Google’s best products released to date, and that’s because it’s so inexpensive that you can keep it literally everywhere. Now, Google has partnered with Incipio to offer an official wall mount for its latest smart speaker.

Nest Secure Stories November 8, 2017

Nest Secure leveraging T-Mobile for cellular backup service, will be sold in retail stores

Back in September, Nest unveiled its first home security system. Set to launch this week, the Nest Secure will use T-Mobile in the U.S. as the “exclusive cellular backup provider,” with retail stores also selling the system as part of a bundle.

Nest Secure Stories September 20, 2017

After several weeks of teasing, Nest finally unveiled several new products that really bring it into the world of smart home security. These products include the 4K-capable Cam IQ Outdoor, Hello video doorbell, and Nest Secure which includes home security monitoring with the use of an array of sensors and dongles.

Are any of Nest’s newest smart home products going to end up in your shopping cart?

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Home security is very important in this day and age, and Nest is one of the biggest players in making the technology easy to use through its various cameras. Today, Nest has debuted a whole new system for home security with the “Nest Secure” line.

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