Project Mainline Stories January 10

Google has begun sharing details of what’s new in each month’s Google Play system patch, the new update system for recently released Android phones, tablets, and more.

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Project Mainline Stories May 24, 2019

With Android Q Beta 3 at Google I/O, Google introduced Project Mainline, which aims to bring faster, more consistent updates to various parts of Android via the Google Play Store. Today, reports have been coming in that users of the Android Q Beta are seeing a random, spontaneous reboot happen on their phones, apparently related to Project Mainline.

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Project Mainline Stories May 7, 2019

Updates have long been one of Google’s biggest problems for Android, and they’ve been mocked relentlessly for it too. Project Treble was the company’s last big attempt to fix Android updates, and now Android Q is introducing “Project Mainline.”

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