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Android Q will include more ways for carriers to SIM lock your phone

Since last week’s leak, it’s been clear that Android Q is going to include some positive changes for Android going forward, like system-wide dark mode and new permissions settings. Unfortunately, it’s not all good things coming in Android Q, as new code changes show that network carriers will have more ability to lock your phone down to specific networks via your SIM card.

Android Q Stories January 16

For the past several years, Google has released Developer Previews for the next major version of Android in March. Ahead of that, an early build of Android Q has leaked confirming major features like a system-level “Dark Mode” and a host of other changes and tweaks.

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Android Q Stories January 9

There are plenty of Android features that will never head to iOS devices but that is by-the-by, today we are talking about the iPhone-to-Android path. Follow along for a look at the 5 iOS features we want to see in the next major Android release.

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Android Q Stories January 7

With last year’s announcement of the “Chat” initiative, it became clear that Google would be working to make RCS the best possible messaging product for everyone. Staying true to that commitment, it seems Android Q may bring RCS capabilities to third-party apps with new system APIs.

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Android Q Stories January 6

It’s really no secret that Google is slowly working its way towards the much-requested system-wide dark mode in Android. Thanks to a Googler, though, we have more evidence that a full dark mode may arrive with Android Q this year.

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Android Q Stories October 30, 2018

Pocophone F1 will likely get updated to at least Android Q

Despite not being officially available in the United States, the Pocophone F1 offers unbelievable value from a product so inexpensive. The software updates are often the first thing to be neglected on inexpensive phones such as this, but confirmation has come direct from Xiaomi that the device will receive updates at least until Android Q.

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