secure Stories September 16, 2015

The BlackBerry “Venice” is no secret; we’ve been seeing leaks left and right for a few weeks now. Even just three days ago, we got yet another look at the phone thanks to someone’s crafty spy shot skills at the Toronto Film Festival. Now, thanks to sources for Android Authority, we have what is perhaps our most comprehensive look yet… expand full story

secure Stories November 5, 2014


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today released a report examining three dozen messaging services and ranking them based on what it deemed are seven “security best practices.” While Apple scored the best among what the EFF called “mass-market options”, it along with Google and others didn’t do as well when compared to all 36 messaging services included in the report. Specifically, EFF noted Google’s services “lack the end-to-end encryption that is necessary to protect against disclosure by the service provider.” expand full story

secure Stories February 27, 2014

Following reports last night when the device was spotted going through the FCC, Reuters reports Boeing today officially announced a new Android smartphone with a number of innovative security features. Dubbed “Boeing Black,” the device will be marketed towards government officials and other organizations that highly value keeping their data secure. The tamper-proof device builds in a number of security features for encrypting calls and more and is designed to wipe itself clean of any data if someone attempts to open the physical casing of the phone. Here’s a bit more from Boeing’s website: expand full story

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