US Government Stories September 30, 2020

The US DOJ may sue Google over search, advertising dominance

According to a report from Reuters, Google may soon face a lawsuit directly from the US DOJ over its dominance in search and advertising.

US Government Stories March 28, 2019

According to a report from Reuters this week, the US Government is enlisting the help of some tech giants for the 2020 census. In an effort to fight “fake news” from affecting the census, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all committing to help prevent interference with the count.

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US Government Stories March 7, 2019

The Huawei versus the United States Government saga continues this week, and now it’s getting especially interesting. Last night, Huawei announced that it was putting together a lawsuit against the US Government as a result of the “unlawful” ban on the company’s equipment and products.

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US Government Stories July 11, 2018

ZTE signs deal with US to lift trade restrictions w/ $400 million escrow payment & monitor

It finally might be over… soon. ZTE has been through a lot in the past several weeks following a severe ban on using products from the United States, but now a deal has finally been signed.

US Government Stories July 4, 2018

US temporarily lifts ZTE ban, company can operate through August 1st

ZTE’s back and forth with the United States government has been going on for quite some time, and now after an attempt to lift the ban failed, ZTE is getting at least a temporary break.

US Government Stories June 21, 2018

Chinese smartphone companies have been under a lot of scrutiny this year by the US government, and Huawei has seen massive blows to its plans in the States because of that. Now, the US government is apparently pressuring Google to “reconsider” its relationship with the company.

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US Government Stories June 12, 2018

Bipartisan movement in US Senate may reverse ZTE deal and hand over ‘death penalty’

Right as it seemed ZTE was safe, a movement in the US Senate may spell the end of the company according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

US Government Stories June 7, 2018

While the Executive Branch is warming up to Chinese companies like ZTE following the reversal of an export ban, Congress is continuing to scrutinize US companies working with China. The legislative body is now particularly focusing on a Google and Huawei partnership announced in January to push RCS adoption.

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US Government Stories June 6, 2018

ZTE’s export ban may soon be lifted w/ US deal [Update: Deal reached]

It’s been a really rough couple of months for ZTE, but according to new reports, the company’s troubles may soon be over as it has apparently nearly reached a deal with the US government.

US Government Stories May 28, 2018

US may drop export ban against ZTE for $1.3 billion in fines, management change

Following a devastating export ban earlier this year against ZTE, the company has been in a really tough spot. As the saga continues, new developments give the company new hope, and now, it seems there could be a way to get these sanctions dropped entirely.

US Government Stories April 16, 2018

US government bans American companies from selling components to ZTE

ZTE may not be the biggest name in smartphones in the United States, but the Chinese company has built itself up as a regular player particularly in the budget segment. Today, though, the United States government has banned US companies from selling to the Chinese company.

US Government Stories August 11, 2014


After stepping in last year to help save the highly troubled website, former Google site reliability engineer Mikey Dickerson is taking a job with the US government. Dickerson will lead a new team that will be tasked with identifying and repairing the government’s troubled websites and computer systems.

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US Government Stories April 12, 2012

Stemming from reports earlier this week from National Defense Magazine, a Boeing spokesperson confirmed to Geekwire this morning that the aerospace and defense company is developing an Android device for the United States government security and defense markets:

“We are developing a trusted mobile device that will serve the US Government Defense and Security market, which require a higher level of security than is currently available in the commercial marketplace.”

According to the earlier reports from National Defense, Boeing Network and Space Systems President Roger Krone expects the device to launch later this year. He claimed the device would début at a lower price than similar encrypted and secure devices sold to government for upwards of “$15,000 to $20,000 per device.” The Boeing phone will not hit the mass market, but Android was selected and not proprietary software to meet demand from users wanting access to the apps and features they are familiar with in smartphones. It is dubbed “The Boeing Phone,” but no decisions have been made whether the device will ultimately carry the Boeing brand. expand full story

US Government Stories September 28, 2011

The Next Web is reporting that the US Government and Google are in talks over a contract that would license Google Apps to the whole US Government staff. The contract totals up-to $50 million dollars. The US Gov is also considering Microsoft’s productivity suite.

Microsoft’s suite could be considered pretty solid, but also pretty bland. Many corporations, and school districts, are currently using Microsoft’s suite. Some would say it’s in a good spot, but when compared to Google it just not up-to par (in my opinion). Many city governments are already using Google Apps.. so let’s call this a fair fight.

The US Government is currently reviewing the terms, and will soon select which company they’d like to side with. At any rate, both companies are probably opening their arms to $50 million, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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