YouTube Kids Stories October 22

Over the past year, YouTube Kids introduced human-curated channels and allowed parents to whitelist videos after some failings with the algorithm. The service is now coming to Smart Displays, Google Home, and Cast-connected televisions.

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YouTube Kids Stories September 13

In light of YouTube’s algorithmic approach to finding appropriate videos for kids failing, the Google division turned to human curation in April. YouTube Kids is now launching the ability for parents to pre-approve every video and channel available their child, while adding a new experience geared towards older kids.

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YouTube Kids Stories April 25

YouTube Kids is a dedicated app from the video network that aims to provide a child friendly experience. Unfortunately, those algorithms charged with policing content have occasionally failed, with Google now launching a more heavily curated section of the app that only displays human-approved videos.

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YouTube Kids Stories April 7

Upcoming YouTube Kids version may ditch recommendation algorithms for whitelisted, handpicked content

There’s a vast amount of information on YouTube, ranging from tutorials to reviews to funny pranks and all the way down to content produced for kids. There’s something for everyone, but when you hand a 5-year-old child the keys to all of that, they might stumble on something they shouldn’t. That’s why YouTube Kids was introduced a while back, but the algorithms in that app haven’t proved as successful as the company intended. Now, it seems that YouTube is rethinking its approach.

YouTube Kids Stories November 2, 2017

YouTube Kids is Google’s child-optimized and friendly interface to its video network. Launched two years ago, it is seeing a refresh today that brings a “tailored” interface that adapts to a kid’s age. It is also adding profiles for kids that allow for better personalization.

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YouTube Kids Stories August 30, 2017

The new scribbled YouTube Kids logo looks like it was drawn by a kid

Alongside yesterday’s complete overhaul of YouTube on desktop and mobile, the Google company also redesigned its iconic logo. The main clients were not the only applications to get a new icon as YouTube Kids also received revamped branding yesterday that unfortunately looks like it was drawn by a kid.

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