YouTube Kids Stories March 26

Chromecast icon disappeared from YouTube Kids app for some, possibly fixed w/ update

YouTube Kids, while imperfect, is a useful and easy way to ensure your kids are staying on the right side of the YouTube rabbit hole. Unfortunately, a recent update to the app has removed the Chromecast icon, and while it’s probably a mistake, it’s certainly frustrating for YouTube Kids users!

YouTube Kids Stories July 27, 2020

YouTube Kids surfacing over 100 ‘After School’ movies over the next month

After coming to the web, Apple TV, and Fire TV in recent months, YouTube Kids is today launching a month of “After School” programming to help parents keep children engaged amid COVID-19. 

YouTube Kids Stories July 9, 2020

YouTube Kids arrives on Amazon Fire TV

YouTube Kids is an easy way to get some peace of mind while letting your child watch content online, and now the app is officially arriving on one of the biggest streaming platforms. YouTube Kids is now on Amazon Fire TV.

YouTube Kids Stories May 27, 2020

YouTube Kids is the child-friendly version of YouTube that adds pretty strong parental controls to help keep kids on specific types of content. Starting today, YouTube Kids is finally available for download on Apple TV.

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YouTube Kids Stories February 28, 2020

YouTube Kids expands to 11 more countries mainly in Central and South America

A great way to pacify even the most unruly of children, YouTube Kids has now expanded to a further 11 countries.

YouTube Kids Stories December 25, 2019

In a report regarding YouTube’s “Year of Responsibility,” Bloomberg revealed an interesting detail. Apparently, YouTube Kids was originally going to be manually curated for every piece of content on the platform.

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