June 9

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The Nvidia Shield set-top box is about to become the “first all-one Plex box” as Plex announced today the Android TV-based device will gain full media server support later this month. That’s in addition to the Android app offering it currently has and will make the Shield the first device other than a dedicated PC, Mac or NAS with full support for the popular Plex Media Server.

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The OnePlus 3‘s official announcement is just around the corner. Less than a week from now, the Chinese company will fully unveil its new flagship device, but leaks seem keep pouring out in the meantime.

Weibo post lets us take an even closer look at the device…

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Learning to play Go well enough to beat a professional champion and preparing to take on the world champion has to be hard work for an AI system, so Google’s DeepMind team decided to let it try something a little less highbrow.

DeepMind had already learned how to play 49 different Atari 2600 games, in each case figuring out the gameplay on its own, but had reportedly given up on Montezuma’s Revenge. The issue, apparently, was that it got bored. In order to persuade it to keep trying, they had to program it with artificial curiosity … 

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June 8

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Among other changes this morning, Apple announced a new 85-15 revenue split with developers of apps that have subscriptions. Recode is now reporting that Google has had the same plan in mind for the Play Store, but with an important advantage.

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Street View is now a feature we take for granted in all our mapping services, but in 2007 it was a very ambitious effort by Google to photograph the world. The feature on the latest version of Google Maps on Android received a slight revamp to make navigation on mobile easier.

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