Sony Xperia Stories April 28

Sony pulled a profit on its Xperia smartphones for the first time since 2017

The smartphone world keeps consolidating into just a handful of major brands, and frankly, Sony is not one of the brands we thought we’d still be talking about in 2021. Unexpectedly, though, Sony just managed to squeeze out a profit on Xperia phones for the first time in a few years recently.

Sony Xperia Stories December 1, 2020

Despite not really making a dent in the wider smartphone space, Sony still maintains a large, loyal fanbase. With a small flagship lineup, it’s arguably far easier to for Sony to update their Xperia lines to Android 11.

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Sony Xperia Stories September 4, 2019

[Update: Xperia 5] Sony teases new, smaller Xperia for IFA that fits in ‘the palm of your hand’

Small phones are hard to find nowadays, even from Sony, which has offered several options in the past for those wanting flagship specs in a smaller form factor. This week, an official teaser from Sony hints at a new Xperia Compact for 2019 that “fits in the palm of your hand.”

Sony Xperia Stories August 16, 2018

Now that Android 9 Pie is official, OEMs are starting to announce their plans for the update on their various devices. Today, Sony is officially revealing its plans for Pie…

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Sony Xperia Stories June 15, 2018

Sony confirms development on new launcher for its devices after shutting down ‘Xperia Home’

Earlier this week, Sony revealed that it was shutting down development on its “Xperia Home” launcher for its Android devices. Many have wondered what the company intended to use from this point forward and now, it’s been revealed that a new version of that launcher is being created.

Sony Xperia Stories May 31, 2018

At I/O 2018, Google announced a host of new features for Google Lens, the company’s visual search feature launched last year. That new functionality is now fully rolled out while several manufactures are adding Google Lens right into the camera app.

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