According to a tweet by the official Google Voice Twitter account, Google has pulled the Voice for iOS app from the iTunes App Store. Google decided to pull the app due to its crashing on startup, which was introduced with iOS 5 (Couldn’t sort it out in 3 months of iOS5Beta?). Google says hang tight for the time being, because they’ll be updating/rereleasing the app again. Tweet:

Removed the iPhone app from the App store. We’ll have a new version for you ASAP with a fix for the sign in bug.

There also appears to be some issues with Sprint’s use of Google Voice causing iMessages to get confused.  Apple has a Support document for that (below).

Sprint: Unable to use phone number for FaceTime or iMessage when using Google Voice

  • Last Modified: October 15, 2011
  • Article: TS4091
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If your Sprint account is integrated with Google Voice, you may be unable to use your phone number to receive FaceTime calls or iMessages.

Products Affected

iPhone 4S


Integrating your Sprint account with Google Voice may prevent your mobile phone number from being registered for use with FaceTime video calls and iMessage text messages.

This occurs only when your Sprint phone number and Google Voice number are not the same. It should not affect your ability to send or receive SMS or MMS messages, or to receive or place FaceTime calls or iMessages using an email address instead of your phone number.

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4 Responses to “Google Voice for iOS pulled from iTunes App Store due to crashing”

  1. 4s Owner says:

    Every 10th – 12th time I use the GV iOS app it freezes for about 30-40 seconds. And always after a re-boot of the phone or just a restart of the GV app. What's really odd is at the same time I can go to GV on iPhone Safari and it's fine. That was on a iPhone 4 for a year.

    I have the 4s now, at first on iOS5 it wouldn't even start, and that was a fresh downloaded install because I was having restore issues. Then I deleted it and re-synced all my apps from iTunes, then it DID start. Now the best part? It hasn't frozen yet.

  2. iP4 owner says:

    I've read so many complaints about this app for iOS
    I dont know what everyone is complaining about
    I've had the app since its re-released 1 yr ago (original release mid-2009)
    I've never had an issue with it, never crashes, never stalls/lags
    So, again I dont know how everyone is having all these issues with this app

    If there is issues with the app running on iOS5, I'm not aware of it because I have not upgraded yet
    I've had the app running perfectly fine on my iOS when I installed it on 4.1 and now I've been on 4.3.1
    I wont upgrade to 5 until there's an UNteth JB for it. Also, I'm on at&t
    Hopefully, when I update to 5, by then the app will have been updated as well

    GV is great, and works very good. I just want it to be TRUE VOIP and not be routed thru my default eating my carrier mins. I mean GV is UNlimited use for north america (both landline&mobile). If and when it ever becomes a TRUE VOIP, google will be sought after by all the mainstream national carriers I guess. maybe thats why it has not gone complete TRUE voip

  3. Leonardo says:

    The truth is too visible: they can't compete with SIRI ;)