Google Voice Stories September 5

Google Voice has seen a number of big developments in recent weeks like joining G Suite to offer enterprise telephony and features, while all users received an app redesign with a new icon. Voice is now working on support for sending videos and audio messages to other users.

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Google Voice Stories August 17

Google Voice for Android gets updated w/ new icon and slight visual refresh

Following an update to its iOS counterpart earlier this week, Google has been rolling out some server-side changes to Google Voice for Android. Now, the app is getting a new icon and some design tweaks.

Google Voice Stories August 15

Earlier this week, a revamped Google Voice featuring a new icon, G Suite integration, and Contacts tab rolled out to iOS. The majority of these changes are now coming to Android with a server-side update.

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Google Voice Stories August 13

At Cloud Next 2018, Google announced that Google Voice was now a part of G Suite and showed off a redesigned app. That mobile revamp is now beginning to roll out on iOS with new features for enterprise users, and it’s likely coming soon to Android.

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Google Voice Stories August 1

After a bottom bar redesign in July and the announcement of an enterprise G Suite edition at Cloud Next 2018, the latest version of Google Voice is rolling out today. The update prepares for enterprise features, while also making a small tweak to Do not disturb.

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Google Voice Stories July 25

Google yesterday unveiled Grammar Suggestions for Docs and Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat. At the second day of Cloud Next 2018, G Suite is adding Google Voice support, third-party integrations in Cloud Search, and a new Drive Enterprise app.

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