Google Voice Stories September 5

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Google Voice users will soon be able to send messages with an ‘Ok Google’ command

Google Voice made a triumphant return early this year with a fresh coat of paint, new features, and all of the functionality we knew and loved back in the day. In the time since, Google hasn’t given the service a ton of attention, and there are still a lot of features that need to be added to bring it up to par with Google’s other messaging options. Today, Google confirmed one of those is coming — “OK Google” support.

Google Voice Stories August 25

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Google Voice’s massive redesign at the beginning of the year came as a much-needed and long-overdue update for users of the service. That update made using Google Voice considerably more enjoyable and easier, but a new bug that’s popped up is causing some trouble with people trying to send/receive SMS text messages.

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Google Voice Stories May 23

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Since its relaunch in January, Google Voice has seen a major update approximately every two months. Version 5.2 is beginning to rollout and along with it are a number of very useful widgets and other minor features.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Voice Stories April 18

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Google Voice’s spam call filtering is now on par with the Phone app on Pixel/Nexus

While minor, the latest update to Google Voice brings the relaunched service’s spam filtering up to par with the detection built into the Phone app on Google Pixel and Nexus devices.

Google Voice Stories March 16

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Google Voice update brings Gboard GIF support & Do not disturb mode [Update: Calls on web]

The first update to Google Voice since its relaunch back in January is now rolling out. While the update doesn’t bring any significant new features, there are some welcome additions, including support for sending GIFs in Gboard and a new Do not disturb mode.

Google Voice Stories January 30

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We were recently told by a source that has been reliable in the past (they also tipped us off on VoIP integration coming to Voice, which Google confirmed) that Project Fi support/integration would be one keystone feature for the new Google Voice. That feature obviously didn’t launch last week with the redesigned version 5.0 of the app, but we now have reason to believe that it’s still in the plans…

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