Google Voice Stories November 3

Google Voice now supports contact cards in text messages

Over a year after we first spotted it, Google Voice is rolling out a new feature to its mobile apps — the ability to see previews of vCard contact cards.

Google Voice Stories October 15

At the tail end of 2018, we reported on Google’s plans to replace Hangouts with Chat and Meet. The company later confirmed the news and has since been moving enterprise users to those two apps. Google is now ready to start detailing how it will transition classic Hangouts users to a free version of Chat.

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Google Voice Stories September 15

Google Voice for Android makes it easier to access ongoing calls

Google Voice is a relatively mature app that does not see too many interface updates these days. One change in Google Voice for Android today does make it easier to access ongoing calls.

Google Voice Stories August 31

Google Voice is the latest first-party app to adopt a dark theme today. Following Gmail last month, the VOIP client is getting a standard night-friendly look on Android.

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Google Voice Stories August 17

Google Voice is a handy way to have an extra phone number or access a number from multiple devices. Recently, though, some users have been noticing an extremely frustrating bug. An ongoing issue is causing Google Voice users to miss incoming calls.

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Google Voice Stories June 22

Google has long imposed a restriction where Voice users cannot have separate Fi numbers. That is now changing today with the ability to have both coexist on the same account.

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