Google Voice Stories March 31

Alongside a slew of Meet announcements, Google Voice is getting a pair of new capabilities, most notably call recording, for enterprise subscribers. Google also previewed what’s coming to Spaces this year.

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Google Voice Stories March 4

Alongside other responses, Google announced this evening that its Voice VoIP service and Fi MVNO are waiving calling fees to Ukraine. The company also provided an update on Project Shield protections.

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Google Voice Stories February 13

Google Voice for Android updated with Smart Reply suggestions

AI-generated replies based on context have flourished over the years across Google apps and services. The latest example of Smart Reply is in Google Voice for Android.

Google Voice Stories January 12

A little over three and a half years after Voice was massively redesigned, Google started telling original users that the legacy web version would stop receiving updates and encouraged them to migrate over. Legacy Google Voice is now set to be “phased out” from next month.

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Google Voice Stories December 21, 2021

Google Voice is primarily aimed at enterprise, and many of its new features are for paying Workspace customers. However, starting today, regular Google users in the US will also benefit from the addition of Voice “rules” for call forwarding and other custom actions.

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Google Voice Stories November 29, 2021

Google Voice is primarily a Workspace service at this point with new features focused on enterprise usage. That said, Google today updated Voice for Android with fairly straightforward app shortcuts.

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Google Voice Stories July 28, 2021

Google today announced a handful of usability enhancements to Voice on Android, iOS, and web. The updates primarily focus on improving the calling experience. 

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Google Voice Stories April 26, 2021

Google Voice for iOS adds ‘Suggested Contacts’ widget, Shortcuts support

Back in November, a slew of Google apps on iPhone and iPad added homescreen widgets. The latest iOS 14 widget is from Google Voice, which now also supports macro creation in the Shortcuts application.

Google Voice Stories April 1, 2021

Back in October, Google detailed how it would move users of its previous messaging app to alternate services in 2021. As part of the migration, Google has shut down classic Hangouts integration with both Google Voice and Fi.

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Google Voice Stories March 9, 2021

One of the handier features of Google Voice is the ability to send text messages via your phone’s original number and messaging app. Unfortunately, Google Voice is now set to lose this message forwarding capability “soon.”

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Google Voice Stories December 9, 2020

Google Fi reaching out to Voice users that previously couldn’t use the MVNO with promo offer

Back in June, Google started letting you use Fi and Voice on the same account. A new Google Fi promotion is now incentivizing those longtime Voice users to join the MVNO now that they have the opportunity.

Google Voice Stories November 3, 2020

Google Voice now supports contact cards in text messages

Over a year after we first spotted it, Google Voice is rolling out a new feature to its mobile apps — the ability to see previews of vCard contact cards.

Google Voice Stories October 15, 2020

At the tail end of 2018, we reported on Google’s plans to replace Hangouts with Chat and Meet. The company later confirmed the news and has since been moving enterprise users to those two apps. Google is now ready to start detailing how it will transition classic Hangouts users to a free version of Chat.

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Google Voice Stories September 15, 2020

Google Voice for Android makes it easier to access ongoing calls

Google Voice is a relatively mature app that does not see too many interface updates these days. One change in Google Voice for Android today does make it easier to access ongoing calls.

Google Voice Stories August 31, 2020

Google Voice is the latest first-party app to adopt a dark theme today. Following Gmail last month, the VOIP client is getting a standard night-friendly look on Android.

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Google Voice Stories August 17, 2020

Google Voice is a handy way to have an extra phone number or access a number from multiple devices. Recently, though, some users have been noticing an extremely frustrating bug. An ongoing issue is causing Google Voice users to miss incoming calls.

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Google Voice Stories June 22, 2020

Google has long imposed a restriction where Voice users cannot have separate Fi numbers. That is now changing today with the ability to have both coexist on the same account.

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Google Voice Stories June 9, 2020

Last week, Google started migrating G Suite users away from classic Hangouts to Google Chat with the legacy service shutting down in “late 2020” for enterprise. The latest version of Google Voice for Android today provides some insight into the transition for regular users.

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Google Voice Stories May 28, 2020

Back in February, we spotted Voice appearing in Gmail’s side panel. Google Voice integration in Gmail on the web is now official for G Suite customers, along with call transfer capabilities.

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Google Voice Stories May 22, 2020

For those that have Google Voice available in their region, it looks like you’ll soon be able to transfer calls in progress to contacts and other numbers when using the calling app.

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Google Voice Stories February 4, 2020

Last month, Google opened up the Gmail and Drive sidebar to third-party G Suite add-ons. On the first-party front, that space has only ever shown Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. Google Voice now looks to be making an appearance in Gmail’s side panel.

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Google Voice Stories January 16, 2020

From the beginning, signing up for Google Fi has required that you forgo Google Voice. Work is now under way to separate that interdependency, starting with voicemail access, with users one day able to use both services separately. expand full story

Google Voice Stories November 21, 2019

[Update: Ireland] Google Voice is now available to all G Suite customers in supported regions

After debuting last year, Google Voice for G Suite is getting a huge expansion in availability. This week, Google has announced that the service is now available to all G Suite customers.

Google Voice Stories October 17, 2019

If you primarily use a Google Voice number, there are a few little roadblocks you’ve got to put up with. However, one of those is going away, as the latest Google Voice update for iOS adds better support for Siri. expand full story

Google Voice Stories August 6, 2019

Google Voice 2019.32 readying dark theme [APK Insight]

Google’s VoIP calling service for both consumer and enterprise customers will be the latest to add a dark theme. Google Voice 2019.32 for Android reveals work on the darker look, while “Driving Mode” is still in development.

Tools like Google Assistant Call Screen on the Pixel help mitigate robocalls, but broader FCC and industry action is ultimately required. Caught in the line of fire is Google Voice’s voicemail transcription over SMS feature, which Google is shutting down later this week due to the spam problem.

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Google Voice Stories July 22, 2019

PSA: Some Google Voice users currently aren’t seeing incoming messages

Google Voice is a convenient way to manage a phone number from more than one device, and it’s generally pretty reliable. This morning, however, some Google Voice users are reporting problems with incoming messages not appearing.

Google Voice Stories July 11, 2019

Following Voice for Android adopting a Material Theme account switcher, the Google Voice web app is gaining three usability updates. These changes are particularly catered towards enterprise G Suite customers.

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The latest update to the Android client of Google’s VoIP service is rolling out today with one notable user-facing tweak. Google Voice 2019.28 finally adopts the Material Theme account switcher, and is working on vCard support.

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Google Voice Stories June 27, 2019

Rolling out today, Google Voice 2019.26 adds Material Theme avatar icons. It also reveals work on “Driving Mode” integration with third-party apps so that calls can be made through your Voice number.

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Google Voice Stories June 12, 2019

Just before Google Voice received its Material Theme redesign earlier this year, the Android app removed the live count of unread messages and calls in the bottom bar. Fortunately, this feature is now back with the latest version of the Android app.

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Google Voice Stories April 4, 2019

Google Voice 2019.14 adds larger messages font, renames menus [APK Insight]

In addition to the cloud telephony service now properly supporting Android Auto, there are a handful of small UI tweaks to Google Voice for Android this week. Version 2019.14 brings a larger font to conversations, and renames several parts of the app.

The idea behind Android Auto is to make managing your messages and media easier, but apps not properly supporting the platform has certainly put a stop to that mission. Now, Google Voice has quietly added proper Android Auto support.

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Google Voice Stories March 23, 2019

[Update: Live on Android, web] Google Voice adds ‘Anonymous Caller ID’ option

Google Voice last month began rolling out the Google Material Theme redesign to Android, and expanded VoIP availability. The latest feature for Google’s telephony service is a setting to continuously mask your caller ID when making calls.

Google Voice Stories March 20, 2019

Google certifies first IP desktop phones to work with Voice for G Suite

Last July, Google Voice became a G Suite product to provide telephony services for enterprise customers. Companies can assign numbers to employees that are accessible on Android, iOS, and the web. However, another use is traditional desktop phones, with Google certifying the first units this week.

Google Voice Stories February 27, 2019

Google Voice has seen better support and updates since its relaunch a couple of years ago, but the service still has its quirks from time to time. Over the past couple of days, it seems many Google Voice users have been seeing their SMS text messages delayed.

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Google Voice Stories February 25, 2019

Google Material Theme tweaks rolling out to Google Voice on the web

Following design tweaks on Android and iOS over the past month, the Google Material Theme is now rolling out to Google Voice on the web. This is not a drastic redesign, but aids in ensuring visual consistency across all three platforms.

Google Voice Stories February 13, 2019

Google Voice for iOS rolling out Material Theme redesign

Late last month, Google Voice for Android was updated with the Google Material Theme. The revamp is now beginning to make its way to iOS with many of the latest design stylings.

Google Voice Stories January 30, 2019

Following Gmail earlier this week, the latest G Suite app to get the Google Material Theme is Google Voice. The core navigation and user experience of the VOIP service is unchanged, but this update does provide a clean refresh.

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Google Voice Stories January 25, 2019

At Cloud Next 2018, Google announced Google Voice for G Suite would expand its telephony offerings for business customers. Google’s head of G Suite communication products shared today that the enterprise service will be available internationally once it exits beta.

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Google Voice Stories January 24, 2019

Google Voice VoIP calling is rolling out now, available to everyone by next week

As Google kills a beloved messaging service, Voice is continually picking up steam following its revamp a couple of years ago. After sitting in beta since early last year, VoIP calling is now rolling out more widely to more Google Voice users.

Google Voice Stories December 19, 2018

Google Voice for G Suite now supports calls to emergency services

For the past several versions, we’ve spotted Google Voice working on the ability to call emergency services. This feature is now official, but only for “work and school” G Suite accounts and not regular users.

Google Voice Stories December 11, 2018

Many of Google’s communications apps were updated over the past week amid news about the company’s future offerings. Google Voice 2018.50 is now rolling out and reveals work on the Google Material Theme, as well as other tweaks to the bottom bar notification indicator and other changes to account for the recent Google Fi rebrand.

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Google Voice Stories December 2, 2018

Amid this weekend’s flurry of developments related to Google’s messaging future around ‘classic’ Hangouts, as well as Hangouts Chat and Meet, Google Voice was left out. The latter launched for G Suite enterprise in beta this July, and should be entering “General Availability” this coming March.

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Google Voice Stories October 29, 2018

Google Voice apparently testing video and audio in MMS messages

Google Voice has seen quite a few big updates since its “reboot” early last year. Now, the company seems to finally be addressing a major complaint with the service’s MMS support – Google Voice video and audio attachment is apparently in testing.

Google Voice Stories October 1, 2018

Google accidentally disabled text forwarding for some Google Voice users last month

Back in July, Google Voice joined the G Suite family of enterprise apps and was more recently redesigned with a new icon, Contacts tab, and other business features. Following renewed attention in 2017, the service has greatly improved, but suffered a slight stumble last month when it accidentally disabled a key capability.

Google Voice Stories September 5, 2018

Google Voice has seen a number of big developments in recent weeks like joining G Suite to offer enterprise telephony and features, while all users received an app redesign with a new icon. Voice is now working on support for sending videos and audio messages to other users.

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Google Voice Stories August 17, 2018

Google Voice for Android gets updated w/ new icon and slight visual refresh

Following an update to its iOS counterpart earlier this week, Google has been rolling out some server-side changes to Google Voice for Android. Now, the app is getting a new icon and some design tweaks.

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