Not too much of a surprise following all of the new Kindle variants announced by Amazon, Barnes & Noble just sent out invites to a Nook-related media event slated for November 7th in New York. The company isn’t giving away too much on the invite, but as All Things D points out, they last used the venue to launch the 6-inch eInk touchscreen Nook. The “join us for a very special announcement” tagline leads us and just about everyone else to believe this will be a product unveiling, specifically, a new Nook.

Like everyone else, we’re not sure exactly what to expect. We could get an updated Nook Color, a variant or price drop on the e-ink Nook, or perhaps both. With the 7-inch Kindle Fire shipping November 15th for $199, perhaps a beefed up Nook Color 2 will land at the $249 price tag currently on the Nook Color, allowing the Nook Color to get a price drop and compete with the Fire at $199. At the very least we know whatever is announced will be geared towards competing with the new Kindle lineup.

We’ll have to wait until 10:00 am EST on November 7 to find out for sure. Check back for live coverage from New York.

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One Response to “New Nook coming at Barnes & Noble media event November 7”

  1. kwkev says:

    I was considering the Kobo Vox, but I'll hold out for this announcement. The Kobo hasn't crippled the OS nearly as much as the Kindle.