Samsung kick started its anti-Apple Galaxy S II campaign with a November 2011 advert that enraged people who would wait in line for a new iPhone. A follow-up commercial downplayed Apple’s iCloud and iTunes Match services as the campaign continued on Facebook. Earlier this week, Samsung shifted gear with an advert that lambasted Apple’s iPhone over its lack of stock turn-by-turn navigation software akin to Google Maps with Navigation for Android.

Today, the South Korean consumer electronics conglomerate aired another commercial following the “Samsunged” theme and focusing on the barista character featured in the November 2011 commercial. More precisely, it mocks the barista’s latte-making art. Samsung reserved an ad slot during Super Bowl XLVI, therefore, things should get interesting come Feb. 5. Let us know in the comments how you liked the new commercial.

Another advert pitting Android’s speech-to-text capabilities against Apple’s is right after the break.

Interesting how this advertisement suggests iPhones cannot turn speech to text, because digital personal assistant Siri, an exclusive iPhone 4S feature, is considered by many to be way ahead of Android’s built-in or third party voice-activated capabilities.

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One Response to “Apple gets Samsunged: New Galaxy S II adverts poke fun of the barista’s latte-making art, suggest Siri is no good”

  1. fabian says:

    Ok, sirius samsung.
    As an iphone user i thought the first 2 comercials funny.
    But i mean why don't show their phones instead of apples