If you’ve been having problems with GPS on your new Nexus 7, you’ll be happy to know that Google has confirmed that it is investigating the problem and likely working on a fix. Phonearena points us to complaints from users on the Google product forums and elsewhere, one of which includes a comment from Google Community Manager for Android, Paul Wilcox, noting that the team is looking into the problem.

Several users on XDA, Nexus 7 Google+ Communities, Android Central, etc… including myself, are having GPS problems with the N7 2013. It will get a satellite lock and work fine for anywhere between 10-30 minutes (longer for others) then it will go back into a “Searching” mode with the GPS icon blinking. Sometimes a reboot helps, others not.

I’m curious if any others on here have experienced this problem on the Nexus 7 2.0 or had any thoughts/suggestions above and beyond what has been discussed at XDA and AP.

After doing my own troubleshooting, factory defaulting my device, then returning/exchanging my device with the reseller… I reached out to Google Play Support for help and they stated that they are aware of the issue, that it was affecting N7 owners, and that engineering should be issuing a patch fix at some point… they were very vague on any details when asked for clarification.

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4 Responses to “Google investigating GPS problems with new Nexus 7”

  1. Curt Welch says:

    Well, it’s August 2014 now. Did they fix the GPS? I was thinking of getting one for Ingress as well!

  2. Jim Craddock says:

    Wow, I was going to buy the LTE version for Ingress (and other things), but I guess I will look into something else.

  3. I can confirm I have the same problem. Also purchased for use in playing Ingress and it doesn’t work at all.

  4. Let’s hope a fix is quick. One of the primary reasons for me purchasing the new Nexus 7 was to play Ingress. It is essentially useless for Ingress without GPS. I am glad to know they are working on it. There’s been numerous complaints about this issue and I hope with publicity, Google and Asus will work faster for a fix.