Everyone loves a good surprise and that’s why we’re happy to see YouTube arrive on the Roku 3. The arrival happens simultaneously in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland. The surprise arrival of YouTube includes features like:

  • HD streaming: Finally see how intense Red Bull’s videos look on your TV.
  • “Send to TV”: Control YouTube on Roku from that sick new phone you just got, turning your TV into your personal JumboTron. Just connect your device to the same Wi-Fi as your Roku.
  • Your subscriptions on TV: Sign in to YouTube and easily get your subscribed channels on your TV like PTXOfficial.

There’s a whole video below reminding, refreshing or introducing you to Roku and what it’s all about. If you’ve been waiting, hoping, wishing for the arrival of YouTube to pick one up then this is the best news of the day.


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One Response to “Surprise! YouTube comes to the Roku 3 right before the holidays”

  1. Irfan Ahmad says:

    trust me its too late after loosing many customers but its depend how long they going to continue youtube forever or just temporary