Roku Stories March 22

Roku OS 11 adds photo screensaver and new ‘What to Watch’ homescreen, much like Google TV

Roku dominates the smart TV landscape in the United States, but the platform’s latest updates remind us a bit of some of Google TV’s best features. With Roku OS 11, the platform is finally adding a photo screensaver, and several other tweaks.

Roku Stories February 21

The battle for growth in the smart TV market continues to heat up, with 2022 expected to be a key tipping point. At this point, it’s up to smart TVs to determine how the market will go, and it seems Roku is going all-in on that, with plans to make its own TVs.

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Roku Stories January 11

Roku adds ‘Live TV Zone’ on homescreen w/ YouTube TV integration

Seemingly sweeping the past year of feuding with Google under the rug, Roku is today adding a new “Live TV Zone” feature on the homescreen that includes integration with YouTube TV.

Roku Stories December 8, 2021

Drama has been ongoing between Roku and Google nearly all of this year over the use of YouTube and YouTube TV on the biggest streaming platform in the United States. Today, Roku and Google have finally settled on a deal to keep the app available to Roku owners.

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Roku Stories November 23, 2021

YouTube TV has been in a weird spot on Roku for the past few months, with the app being removed from the store and only functional for current users. Now, we might be seeing some side effects of that as the latest Roku update seems to have broken YouTube TV, causing the service to freeze.

This article has been updated to reflect Roku’s response and more information.

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Roku Stories November 15, 2021

With retail’s biggest day of the year around the corner, Roku has just announced its new “Roku LE,” a super-affordable streaming device that’s designed just for Black Friday.

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Roku Stories November 3, 2021

As YouTube feud drags on, Roku reportedly also battling w/ Amazon over user data [Updated]

Roku has been battling Google for the past few months over YouTube and YouTube TV, but it seems that may not be the only fight. According to a new report, Roku and Amazon may also be feuding over access to user data, which could have effects on Prime Video and other services if things go down the same path as they have with Google.

Roku Stories October 23, 2021

Roku vs. Google: Who’s to blame in a battle that only stands to hurt YouTube users? [U]

This week, a feud between Google and Roku boiled over to the point where the YouTube TV app was removed from the Roku platform. Months later, the situation continues to escalate to where Google and Roku still haven’t solved their differences and the standard YouTube app may leave the platform by the end of this year.

Roku Stories October 22, 2021

The Roku and Google feud erupted this week as the YouTube app is now set to leave the platform in December, but new information sheds more light on the situation. According to a leaked email, Google did in fact ask Roku for special search results around the YouTube app, an allegation that Google had previously called “baseless.”

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Roku Stories October 21, 2021

The feud between Google and Roku rages on and it’s now escalating quite a bit. Following the removal of the YouTube TV app earlier this year, Roku and Google are once again failing to reach a deal, and the YouTube app will be removed as a result.

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Roku Stories September 20, 2021

Google TV is the company’s biggest push against the likes of Roku and others, and it arrived with some great competitive features. Now, Roku is pulling some inspiration from Google TV with the arrival of Roku OS 10.5’s new features including a “save list” and new live TV guide.

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Roku Stories August 6, 2021

Earlier this year, a public spat broke out between streaming giant Roku and Google, with the popular YouTube TV service hanging in the balance. YouTube TV has now become harder to access on Roku as a result, and according to an executive at the company, that’s not changing anytime soon.

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Roku Stories May 10, 2021

The best Android TV streamers to replace every kind of Roku

As Roku battles Google over YouTube TV just a year after slowing the debuts of Peacock and HBO Max, it’s got some users considering a switch away from the platform. If you’re in that boat, here are the best Android TV and Google TV replacements for every kind of Roku.

Roku Stories May 7, 2021

A week after Roku removed the YouTube TV app for new users, Google is countering by bringing the cord-cutting service to the main YouTube client. 

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Roku Stories May 3, 2021

Amid YouTube TV battle w/ Google, Roku’s share of the global streaming market continues to fall

Roku and Google are currently in a heated battle over YouTube TV and video standards, but as that goes on, it’s interesting to see context developing around Roku’s side. A report this week shows that the marketshare Roku holds in the global streaming market keeps falling.

Roku Stories April 30, 2021

An ongoing feud between Google and Roku hit a new level this morning as YouTube TV left the platform, but now Google is speaking on its side of the story, and, well, it’s clear Roku isn’t as innocent as many thought.

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As heated negotiations continue, the inevitable has happened. Google’s YouTube TV app has just disappeared from the Roku platform amid the ongoing dispute.

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Roku Stories April 26, 2021

YouTube TV is an excellent, though not cheap, option for cutting cable and instead streaming live TV, but it seems Roku users may soon lose access to the app as a negotiations battle goes on.

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Roku Stories April 12, 2021

After announcing Google TV last year, its predecessor had an unspoken expiration date. This week, Google has confirmed that it will kill off the Play Movies & TV app on several platforms in the near future.

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Roku Stories March 31, 2020

Roku adds voice commands, finally rivaling one of Android TV’s best features

Roku is one of the biggest TV platforms in the US with a good portion of its success coming from a barebones, simple offering. Now, with Roku OS v9.3, the platform is adding wide support for voice commands, something Google’s Android TV has offered for years.

Roku Stories November 4, 2019

How to watch Apple TV+ on Chromecast and Android TV

If you’re primarily a Chromecast and Android TV user like myself, but still want to get your fix on some Apple TV+ shows, you may have hit a snag. While Apple TV (hardware) owners and people with AirPlay-compatible TVs will have no problem popping up Apple TV+ shows or casting them, not all of us are as lucky. Here’s how to watch Apple TV+ on Chromecast and Android TV devices.

Roku Stories October 8, 2019

After Hours: Hulu goes offline, Tile’s new Bluetooth trackers, more

In the lead-up to Google’s big event next week, some of the day’s big stories included a new feature for Google’s smart displays and speakers and Samsung updates, but some other recent stories include Hulu finally adding downloads and more.

Roku Stories September 19, 2019

After Hours: Roku finally has customizable remotes, NYC gets 5G, more

Huawei’s Google-less Mate 30 Pro went official today and YouTube announced tighter requirements for channel verification too. Outside of the Google bubble, though, we saw exciting news from Roku which is finally launching a remote with customizable buttons, and more.

Roku Stories September 4, 2019

After Hours: USB4, Roku’s new soundbar, Discord comes to Samsung’s Game Launcher

As we continue looking into Android 10 and prepare for announcements from IFA 2019, some other stories of the day include gaming on Android, new hardware from Roku and Fire TV, USB4, and more.

Roku Stories July 2, 2019

While Google’s Android TV has been seeing tremendous growth on the global stage, it’s not been getting much traction in the United States. According to a new report, Android TV is remaining behind the pack in the U.S. while Roku continues to dominate the market.

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Roku Stories October 29, 2018

Just about a month ago, Roku announced that Google Assistant support would be coming to the platform. Now, Roku Google Assistant support is rolling out to users with compatible hardware.

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Roku Stories September 24, 2018

Google has its own streaming platforms in Android TV and the Chromecast ecosystem, and both of those work brilliantly with the Google Assistant. Now, it’s looking like Roku is going to add support for letting users control a Roku with Assistant.

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Roku Stories May 24, 2018

In March, Play Movies & TV received a big Android and iOS update that made it a hub to content found on other streaming apps, while last week Google Home gained the ability to control and Cast the service. This week, the Roku channel is being updated with a whole new design, simpler navigation, and recommendation features.

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Roku Stories February 1, 2018

Google’s YouTube TV live streaming service has proven to be a huge hit in its first year, and today, the service is extending to Roku devices.

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Roku Stories October 2, 2017

September delivered us a handful of new 4K streaming media players from Amazon and Apple, both trying to catch up to the Chromecast Ultra. Today, Roku is kicking off October with a fresh 4K streaming stick alongside a host of other set-top boxes. Roku typically updates its lineup in the fall and continued that trend following its successful IPO last week.

Along with today’s new releases, the top-of-the-line Roku Ultra is getting a fresh price drop along with the unveiling of OS 8. Full details just below.

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Roku Stories July 26, 2017

There’s a huge battle going on in the living room between the various streaming platforms on the market. Google has long tried to make itself heard in this field, but most of its efforts aren’t very successful. That is, until four years ago. Chromecast finally launched Google into the market, but it’s still facing a constant battle with the ever-popular Roku.

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Roku Stories April 3, 2017

New data from comScore shows that Roku leads the market in streaming TV boxes, with an 18% market share, giving it close to the combined totals of its closest rivals, Amazon’s fireTV and Google’s Chromecast. Apple TV completes the top four, with a 5% share …

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Roku Stories March 8, 2017

BritBox streaming service brings old & new British TV to Android & the web; Chromecast & Roku soon

If you’re a fan of British TV shows, the BritBox streaming service – launching in the U.S. today – offers access to both old-time classics and brand new series’ for $6.99 per month. You can watch it on Android devices and the web, with Roku and Chromecast support coming soon, reports Variety.

Roku Stories January 17, 2017

Roku launches redesigned Android app w/ new ‘What’s On’ guide, improved remote & more

Roku is today launching an updated mobile app that introduces a redesigned user interface to make content easier to access alongside a new ‘What’s On’ guide that serves up recommendations on what to watch.

Roku says the aim of the redesign is to provide easier one-tap access to the most commonly used features. That includes the ability to start a stream with one tap of a channel from the app’s main screen, and a new navigation bar will let you pull up other features you might need quick access to including search, the remote control, and options for sending content to your TV. There’s also a redesigned remote control feature included. 

Roku Stories August 20, 2015

According to recent data released by Parks Associates, Chromecast is the second most popular streaming device. Roku, according to the data, is the most popular streaming media device manufacturer with 34 percent of the market, while Apple TV currently is the fourth most popular streaming media device based on 2014 sales, down from third place in 2013.

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Roku Stories December 2, 2014


Google’s diminutive and cheap Chromecast is making strong headway against its competitors according to a report today by Parks Associates. Priced at $35 but now going for just over $20, the dongle, which is controlled by Apps on iOS and Android devices rather than a traditional remote has passed the almost forgotten Apple TV and is closing in on the king of streamers, the Roku.  Roku and AppleTV represented two thirds of the market last year but with entrants like Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV/Stick, the two dropped to around half the market.

The research finds Roku is still the leading brand with 29% of sales, but Google Chromecast (20%) has supplanted Apple TV (17%) in second place. New entrant Amazon Fire TV is in fourth place with 10%. Consumer content choices are also increasing, with Showtime and Sony planning to launch their own OTT video services to compete with Netflix and HBO.

“Nearly 50% of video content that U.S. consumers watch on a TV set is non-linear, up from 38% in 2010, and it is already the majority for people 18-44,” said Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates. “The market is changing rapidly to account for these new digital media habits. Roku now offers a streaming stick, and Amazon’s Fire TV streaming stick leaves Apple as the only top player without a stick product in the streaming media device category.”

Sticks are where it is at it would seem. Conversely, Google’s Nexus Player, introduced in October, has yet to make a blip but it might also show up in results next year.

Roku Stories October 31, 2014

Google Play Movies & TV channel now available on Roku

Just in time for the weekend and binge watching all of your favorite TV shows and movies, Roku announced on Friday that it has added Google Play Movies & TV to its Channel Store in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. The channel is available for current-generation Roku players, while Roku TV support is coming soon.

Roku Stories October 14, 2014


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what about a fox? Better yet, what about a Firefox? Cheesy introductions aside, today Mozilla announced a new video streaming feature for Firefox’s Android web browser. This Chrome alternative can now push videos from your mobile device to your TV via Google’s Chromecast media stick or a Roku set-top box.

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Roku Stories October 6, 2014

Slingplayer app for tablets updated with Chromecast and Roku support

A few weeks back, Sling announced that it was updating its Android phone app with ability to stream content to a Chromecast-enabled television. Noticeably missing at the time was an update to the company’s Android tablet app. This morning, however, Sling has started rolling out an update to Slingplayer for tablets with all the features its phone counterpart got last month.

Roku Stories October 2, 2014

Roku MIrroring Android Beta

Roku, makers of the popular streaming set-top box for watching online content on your TV, announced today support for enabling screen mirroring from select Android devices to your HDTV with a new beta rolling out to customers today. Support for screen mirroring to Roku devices will also extend to select Windows 8.1 devices, the company says. Screen mirroring allows users to view content like apps, photos, games, and the web from mobile devices to the big screen screen in the living room. expand full story

Roku Stories August 14, 2014

YouTube unveils new TV layout for easier browsing on media boxes

YouTube today announced on their blog that they’re officially rolling out a new UI for YouTube on TVs, which will allow for easier navigating on the big screen. The update will roll out to all media devices connected to a television, such as Android TV, Roku, possibly Apple TV, and game consoles in the coming weeks, but YouTube is saying that Xbox One users will start to see the new UI today.

The channels you subscribe to and videos you care about will be a click away with a guide on the left side that’s just like the guide you see on YouTube on your computer, phone, and tablet. When you sign in, you can jump to all the latest videos from your subscriptions and recommendations in the What to Watch section, or pop on a playlist you’ve liked such as Blogilates’ Cardio AB Attack and turn your TV into a workout buddy.

Roku Stories June 24, 2014


Earlier today, Bloomberg published a profile of Android head Sundar Pichai in which it was stated that Google has several Android TV announcements slated for its I/O developer conference tomorrow. The WSJ has now published another report corroborating the earlier profile. According to the report, Google on Wednesday will unveil at least one “small set-top box” running its new Android TV operating system.

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Roku Stories March 24, 2014

Roku this afternoon has released an update for its Android (and iOS) companion remote app. The update includes quite a few tweaks and new features, and bumps the app to version 3.0. First off, the app as new, much cleaner design that Roku says is significantly faster and more easy to use. The update also now lets you control any Roku on your home WiFi network, much like Apple’s Remote app on iOS. You previously had to login into the Roku account associated with each set-top box to control it.

One of the coolest new features is the ability to search within the app for a movie, show, actor, or director. The Roku app will search within all channels and show you where you can watch the content you searched for. The new search feature for now is only supported “on US-based Roku players firmware 5.4 or later” and on all hardware except the Roku 2450x or 2500x.

  • All New Visual Design – The UI features a new, modern look.
  • Search on your mobile device – Enter a movie, show, actor, or director, to explore and see what’s available. Choose from the available services and jump right into the Channel, ready to watch.
  • Control any Roku player on your network – Use the remote control, or play photos, music, or video with Play on Roku.
  • Bug fixes and other enhancements.

The Roku app for Android is available on the Play Store now.


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Roku Stories February 23, 2014


Today RealNetworks, Inc. announced RealPlayer Cloud is now available for international users. The app allows users to easily move, watch, and share videos with any user on any device, including Android, iOS, Windows 8 Modern UI, Kindle Fire, Roku and Chromecast.

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Roku Stories February 21, 2014


Streaming TV is heating-up. Amazon looks set to launch its TV box in March, we’re expecting Apple to announce a new Apple TV box in April, and Google is reputed to be not far behind with a Nexus-branded box.

So-called cord-cutting – people who give up their cable TV subscriptions in favor of streaming content over the web – is growing in popularity. Mobile TV viewing on tablets is increasingly common.

All of which makes me wonder whether we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of live TV … ?  expand full story



Amazon’s TV box, which the company is believed to have been working on for around a year, is to be launched next month, according to unnamed content distribution sources cited by re/code. It had originally been expected to be launched in time for last year’s holiday sales.

People I’ve talked to who are partnering with Amazon believe the company is aiming for a March rollout […]

Sources tell me Amazon’s box will be powered by Google’s Android operating system, which is also not a surprise — Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets use a “forked” version of Android …  expand full story

Roku Stories December 17, 2013


Everyone loves a good surprise and that’s why we’re happy to see YouTube arrive on the Roku 3. The arrival happens simultaneously in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland. The surprise arrival of YouTube includes features like:

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Roku Stories December 1, 2013

New AllCast app allows Android users to wirelessly beam local content to Apple TV, Roku, and more

Well-known CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta is at it again, this time with a new app for Android that allows users to beam their local content to a variety of set-top streaming boxes, including the Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, PS4, and any other DLNA renderers (via Engadget). The app, entitled AllCast, is incredibly simple to operate. Once it is installed, simply go to a video that is local on your device and tap the cast button in the upper right corner and a menu will pop up, asking you where you would like to cast it. Within seconds of choosing a device, the video will begin playing on your TV.

The process works very much like the Chromecast and Apple TV, though with local videos as well. AllCast is huge for Apple TV users, as it was easy for them to cast videos from their Android device to the set-top box. Though, it’s worth noting that it only works with local videos, not videos from streaming services.

In order to download AllCast, first you must join the ClockworkMod Beta Testers Community, then sign up to be a beta tester for AllCast, and then install the actual app from the Play Store.

Check out a video demonstrating the app below: 

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