We’re pushing aside the Google, Android news for a little and having a little fun with T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere. The Uncarrier CEO has never been one to mince words and that’s only served to kick the industry in the rear and jump T-Mobile right back into the competitive fray.

Well, this time around Legere is having a little fun with Vine and the competition. That’s all I’ll say, just watch…you’ll be happy you did. The only thing that could possibly make this Vine a little better is to have Carly somewhere, anywhere really. If you’re wondering why T-Mobile’s kicking ass and taking names lately, it’s the man with the “evil” laugh above.

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5 Responses to “T-Mobile CEO has a Christmas message to the other carriers”

  1. Paul Michos says:

    David,gotta love T-Mobile.

  2. Frank Thomas says:

    The real gift is at CES. In January TMO is getting rid of deposits for subprime. So regardless of credit score customers can get phones without extra out of pocket charge. WOn’t be every phone but there will be good options for everyone. Its for both new and current customers if they are not past due on there bill.

  3. Jayson Cannon says:

    You have to love that guy. He’s added a lot of life to the upper ranks of the cell carriers.

    Thanks for covering this David, definitely made me laugh. Hope to see more carrier news interjected with the great Google coverage.