(via Archos)

(via Archos)

As the clock ticks away to 2014 and with just a few days separating us from the start of CES, a new competitor is throwing its hat into the smartwatch category. Archos, a company that doesn’t quite elicit the same name response as Samsung or Apple will be “unveiling a selection of smartwatches starting at under £50 or $82 US dollars.”

The company’s CES press release goes on to say that Archos’ smartwatches will “embrace simplicity and function, feature a pebble-like design and will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.”

Needless to say, it’s arguably an uphill battle for companies like Archos to out-muscle the likes of Samsung and even Pebble at this point in the wearables game. Pebble is the current leader in the space especially given its compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms even as Samsung continues to heavily promote its own Galaxy Gear.

Can Archos draw eyeballs away from bigger names? It’s going to be a major challenge for smaller competitors like the French manufacturer that is Archos but I’d be more than happy to be wrong.

via TechCrunch

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3 Responses to “Chalk up another smartwatch entry as Archos announces new products”

  1. tirtimy says:

    Next year is the year of wearable technology, especially smart watches and glasses.

  2. 311sie says:

    Hopefully they will pack them full with technology and innovation, just like their tablets.

  3. Thomas Vu says:

    Looks like the nicest one so far.