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It’s not quite April 1st here on the east coast of the United States, but the jokes are already starting to roll in. Earlier today Google announced a few of its own annual pranks. Now, HTC is getting into the spirit of the holiday by announcing the HTC Gluuv, an HTC One M8-connected glove that looks like something right out of a 90s sci-fi b-movie.

Along with the Gluuv, HTC announced an accompanying product: a boombox activated and controlled by the Gluuv called the BoomBass. Social features built into the Gluuv allow you to use gestures to interact with real-life items on social networks (like giving something a thumbs-up to like it on Facebook).

And what great wearable tech would be complete without an absurdly high-resolution camera? The Gluuv has an 87.2 MP camera built in. And of course, the Gluuv supports third-party apps. Because everything needs apps, even gloves.


Meanwhile, Samsung has also introduced a very similar “product” on its own website. The Samsung Fingers include solar charging, the ability to detect hot and cold objects, a voice (and snap) amplifier, video-calling capability, gesture support, and—for whatever reason—a laser. Samsung’s page isn’t nearly as flashy as HTC’s, but the fictional glove does seem to have more features.

Also if you pull its finger, it plays a farting noise. So yeah, there’s that.

Update: Roku is sort of in the same ballpark.

Update 2: Toshiba too?!? Maybe there’s something to this idea…



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7 Responses to “HTC and Samsung accidentally make the same April Fools joke, announce fake wearable tech gloves (Update: Others too)”

  1. Amanda Smith says:

    Latest news and updates from the wearables zone

  2. alphabetize1 says:

    I would like this way more than a smart watch!! A use for flexible displays too.

  3. nrjperera says:

    I think the winner here is HTC. Samsung’s mock up looks ridicuous, even fore a April Fools prank.

  4. dcj001 says:

    Obviously, HTC did it first. And, as usual, Samsung saw an idea that they liked, and they copied it verbatim.