Update: Google has confirmed on Google+ that it does plan to open the Explorer program in the US for a period of time on April 15th.

Google has been slowly opening up its Google Glass Explorer Program to more people, but it’s about to let anyone in the US join the program and purchase Glass, at least for one day. TheVerge posted the document above showing what appears to be an upcoming Google Glass “Explorer Program Expansion,” or at least a proposal for one, that would see Google selling Glass for the usual $1500 through to anyone in the US that wants one. That opposed to the waiting list that Google is currently taking sign ups for. 

The purchase would be open to anyone in the US, kick off on April 15 at 6am PDT, and come with a free prescription-friendly frame or shade for the $1500 price tag. In the slide you can see Google considered only making the offer available for one day, but we’ll have to wait until April 15 to see if Google actually goes through with the plan.

Google has been opening up the Glass program to more and more people that are interested in purchasing the $1500 hardware since first launching Glass at its Google I/O developer conference in 2012. It’s also been allowing current owners to invite friends, and sending out invites to those that sign up for a waiting list of sorts on its website. Many rumors have suggested Google could aim for an official consumer release later in 2014.

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6 Responses to “Google plans to let anyone in the US buy Glass for one day only on April 15 (Update: Confirmed)”

  1. gman5541 says:

    Wow. Only in the 21st century. $1,500 dollars for glasses that could get you in a fight (Becuase folks don’t like their privacy invaded and they don’t like you recording stuff without their permission) and make women diss you as well as slap you in the face!

  2. I just wish they’d make a left-eyed version…I’d save the money for it.

  3. bobbell69 says:

    Can someone lend me $15000?