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Leather is often synonymous with quality. Samsung has even taken to crafting their devices with faux-leather stitching to try to convey a sense of worth to their products. The Noreve Tradition case for the Nexus 7 (2013) tries to convey that sense of quality and luxury to owners of Google’s 7-inch tablet that are looking for a relatively expensive accessory for their inexpensive tablet. But does the Noreve Tradition
deliver on that promise of quality and luxury?

The leather used to make the Tradition case is fantastic — I have absolutely no issues whatsoever with the material, or of the build quality. Leather cases tend to be hit and miss, with some suffering from poor attention to detail on the assembly line. The Tradition case does not suffer this fate.

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The case is bulkier than other options, though not dramatically so. The bulk of the leather also comes with a comparatively high level of protection, so as long as water isn’t involved in an accident, I wouldn’t worry. The rigid front, back, and sides help to keep the device safe.

From a design perspective, the Tradition is a beautifully simple accessory. The black compliments the understated feel of the Nexus 7 itself. A round hole exists on the front flip cover in order to see the notification light of the Nexus 7. The front flap has a satisfying “click” when closed. The screen automatically powers on when the front flap is opened. The little touches that make this case stand out from the crowd are apparent from the beginning.

Noreve Tradition

For a case that does add so much bulk, I would have liked to see some sort of kickstand mechanism to prop up the Nexus 7 while watching movies, or browsing the web. Besides that, removing the case can be something of a hassle, so you’ll probably not want to do it very often.

Noreve Tradition

Final thoughts

The Noreve Tradition is the best leather case I’ve yet seen for the Nexus 7 (2013). It’s design is elegant, and while it does add some bulk to the device, it should protect well in the event a fall.

The Noreve Tradition case is available through Amazon for $75.49
at the time of this writing, though it isn’t available for Prime shipping.

The case is available directly through Noreve for roughly $70.00 USD, and with free shipping via DHL. You can also select your favorite color, though doing that adds up to two weeks to the delivery time.

Since the Noreve website is somewhat poorly translated (Noreve is a French accessory maker), I’d suggest going through Amazon.

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2 Responses to “Review: Noreve Tradition case for Nexus 7”

  1. I must say that I have a Moko leather case for my Nexus7,which cost considerably less (one third the price) on Amazon Prime, that looks and feels like the higher end case here. It’s just as beautiful, just as functional (more so with hand band and stylus loop). Just saying..

  2. Looking at the pictures of this case, I can tell that it does in fact have a kickstand function. With the tablet in landscape pop the bottom of the tablet out of the case and set into one of the two grooves in the cover